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Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner
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Feb 07, 12

Another one I abandoned because I didn't really care what happened (or had happened) to any of the characters. Addie came across as such a whiny loser, very negative and depressing, spent her life dwelling on the past and the Big Mysterious Tragedy that had separated her from her high school friend Valerie (with whom she seemed rather unhealthily obsessed) instead of getting on with life and making new friends. At the same time she was so self-absorbed and focussed on all the things that had gone wrong in her life that she was completely incapable of realising that Val hadn't exactly had a happy life either - because oh, she's thin and pretty, everything must be perfect for her, not like pooor meeeee, people at school called me faaat, waaah. Etc.

The bits about her past were at least realistic - the 'present' section with her and Val going off on some loopy quest for revenge in the middle of the night was just preposturous. The whole thing was just an obvious time filler and frequently made no sense. "What's that, Val, you show up on my doorstep one night after 15 years's silence and an unnamed betrayal, claiming to have hit some guy with your car? Sure, I'll come with you and look for him. Well look at that, he's not where you left him. Let's search the house of a guy he used to be friends with in high school, he's sure to be there. Oh, he's not there? Oh, well, why don't you seduce a pastor in your car?" This is not an exaggeration.

The writing also seemed very repetitive, for instance in the section where (*spoiler*) John has the car accident and is brain damaged she spent about an hour saying "he was not brother I grew up with, he was not the same, he was not really *John* anymore" in two hundred different ways. Well, DER! Maybe it was just because I was listening to it on audiobook which makes for a much slower reading pace.
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