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Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel
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Oct 11, 12

it was amazing
Read from June 01 to 04, 2012

The dead are now out to the living and it seemed like things were going rather well. Until it came out that the Laz has mutated into a new strain that the vaccine does not protect against. The zombie infected with the new strain has been caught but that hasn't eased any minds. New fights and riots break out including a secret society of masked killers. Nora and Bram continue to help zombies while Nora's father continues with his research.

There are several, six to be exact, POVs in this book which seems to be the big thing that makes this a hit or miss with readers. I personally love multiple POVs. It's true that I would probably be happier with just Bram and Nora because I love them so much, but I think all the POVs are an important part of the story. We have Bram, Nora, and Pamela again, and new POVs Vespertine, Laura, and Michael. Michael is obsessed with Nora and finding a way to get Bram out of the picture. Clearly the villain POV but at the same time I kind of had a soft spot for him. An evil dad and no real understanding of how to express his love of Nora. Laura is a freaky new zombie who grows plants right into her body. The story of her family is heartbreaking. Vespertine probably is the one that made the smallest impression on me. She mostly hangs out with Michael talking about his plans. Pam is having a difficult time adjusting but has found someone who is willing to take their family away for a fresh start.

Bram you sweet, sexy, sexy, burning hunk of deadmeat. I would necroslut it up with you any day ;-) lol But seriously he is such a great guy/zombie. I like that Nora and Bram's relationship progresses very nicely. There have been so many series I read where in the second book all this unnecessary drama is always added to the relationship. The couple usually starts questioning each other and if they should be together. Since we know Bram's time is limited I was really afraid that would happen but happy to report it doesn't. They address it but realize that they should just appreciate the time they have together. Bram and Nora trust and love each other and they have become one of my favorite couples. I was majorly swooning!

The new strain of Laz was an interesting development. I am curious to see where it goes from here. The zombie infected with the strain was kind of heartbreaking and had some really shocking twists in what the strain means for the person infected. It kept me turning the pages. I loved the action and plot developments. I felt like I got to know each character more thoroughly. The ending was amazing! No dreaded second book cliffhanger. The ending is actually very sweet and left me wanting more but not hanging. Major kudos to a well wrapped up second book.

"You think you would know by now that when you run form me, every instinct I have wants to chase you."

"I didn't die just so I could be your pillow, you know."

Nora. I loved her. I'd yet to say the words, because I didn't want to freak her out-it'd only been a few months, after all. But I knew I loved her. Needed her. I didn't need food, or water, or even oxygen, but I needed her. I'd never me a more spirited, accepting, drop-dead-again beautiful girl in my life.

"Nora, you're the only person I'll ever bite. And you know it." A smile ghosted across is lips. "You think I'd cheat on you with common criminals?"
"How messed up is it that I find that really romantic?"

"You're perfect the way you are, Nora. Don't ever think I want you to change, to be something you're not."

"Welcome to my world. Oh, and this is why you've ruined me for all other boys."

"I love you, Nora. I will think you beautiful when I have no eyes left to see. I will remember your voice when my ears go. You can't hold onto me forever, but I will hold onto you until I am nothing but dirt."

From Lia Habel!
Here, because I like you all so much - the first 70 words of Dearly, Beloved.

When I got to the top of the hill, the zombie caught me. I dropped my parasol and leather-bound digital diary in shock. He pulled me to his body from behind, imprisoned my tiny hands in his so I couldn’t fight back, and parted his cold lips at the nape of my neck.
I squealed with delight, even as I drummed my boot heel on his shin. “Bram, let go!”

To celebrate the 50% hump, a paragraph!

Then he insulted her and her father. In a funny way, that offered me some reassurance. I’d heard the words, and they occasioned a wave of nearly debilitating anger, but I hadn’t ripped his tongue out. Progress. I’d become a regular New Victorian gentleman.

*I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Lia Habel
“I love you, Nora. I will think you beautiful when I have no eyes left to see. I will remember your voice when my ears go. You can’t hold on to me forever, but I will hold on to you until I am nothing but dirt.”
Lia Habel, Dearly, Beloved
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message 1: by Jess (new) - added it

Jess I'm going to share this! I love Bram. *sigh*

message 2: by GrimTheGirl (new) - added it

GrimTheGirl Awwwww x3 so cute I think my heart will melt

message 3: by Marina (new) - added it

Marina when is the book coming out?

Jennifer Manzura wrote: "when is the book coming out?"

Expected release date is September 25th 2012

message 5: by Marina (new) - added it

Marina Jennifer wrote: "Manzura wrote: "when is the book coming out?"

Expected release date is September 25th 2012"

lol thats my cousins birthday
but i cant wait until september 25th!

message 6: by GrimTheGirl (new) - added it

GrimTheGirl I know this book will be awesome xD Know what else will be awesome? City of Lost Souls xD I'm getting it tonight, WOOOOOH XD. Sorry I just had to freak somewhere, ignore me :P

message 7: by Camille (new)

Camille Labanca It's True that Nora cure Bram? He lives??

Jennifer Camille wrote: "It's True that Nora cure Bram? He lives??"

(view spoiler)

message 9: by Stephanie (new) - added it

Stephanie is this just as good as the first book?

Jennifer Stephanie wrote: "is this just as good as the first book?"

I liked it just as much but I know some people didn't like all the extra POVs so it is hard to say.

Jennifer Jeremy wrote: "is this the final book???"

This is all she was contracted for but she is hoping to write more.

message 12: by SimpleBrandy (new) - added it

SimpleBrandy Just read book 1 and enjoyed reading your post. I can't wait to start on book 2 :)

message 13: by Jadeja (new) - added it

Jadeja Baptiste I love Bram! He is sweet and sexy of the undead. He and Nora make a great couple. She loves him like me. He can't get more living than he already is!

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