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Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner
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Feb 07, 12

Bones of Faerie is a story about a girl named Liza. After a great war between Faerie and humans, earth is out of control. Magic comes and goes. It grows in rocks, water and most of all it is born in other humans.

Some humans were afraid of the magic, afraid of it turning on them and killing them. So when Liza's sister Rebecca was born with silver eyes and hair, Liza father took her away from her mother and put her outside to die. Soon Liza's mother disappears one night, leaving Liza alone with her father.

After a vicious beating from her father, Liza must face the facts that she has magic in herself as well and in order to save herself, she must leave the small town she has known all her life. She needs answers to her questions and in order to have that, she must find her mother.

Plagued with visions from surfaces such as water reflecting Liza can summon a person or that persons "soul" with conscious thought. Soon her and another magic born named Matthew are on a journey to find her mother. Facing scary shadows, dangerous trees and a whole band of other foes.

The author is a great writer, I can completely picture everything as I read this book. It was certainly worth the time and effort reading.

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