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The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Laura C. Schlessinger
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Feb 06, 12

bookshelves: christian, marriage
Read in February, 2012

Excellent, excellent book. This book had the "pull-no-punches" honesty that I expected, and to be honest it was a welcomed approach to the topic of the role of wife and woman in marriage. Her assessment of the tragic effects of the feminist politic was a raw look into the distortions and shameful denigration of femininity and masculinity in popular psychology and modern culture. And I pretty much have to agree with her on everything. Male-bashing and husband-hating has become all to pervasive and insidious in our culture. This book is a call to women to embrace and respect the inherent and important differences between man and woman and the vital and significant roles of each. A return to a traditional, Scriptural, natural relationship between man and woman, husband and wife, mother and father would do more to liberate the modern woman than any feminist policy could ever achieve. This book is a challenge to women to step into their rightful roles and responsibilities of wife and woman within marriage. Dr. Laura focuses on the raw fact that relationship is not about "getting things my way," but instead a selfless giving and sacrifice for the good, well-being, and happiness of another. Her tough love approach to our obligations, responsibilities, and choices is something this culture, and us women in particular, desperately need. Us women have three invaluable tools to set the tone for our home life and our marriage; Dr. Laura's 3 A's: acceptance, approval, appreciation. Something we demand from our men but are loathsome to give in return. Women! Wake up. It is time for a reality check and some much needed honesty. And this book is just the thing. Loved it.

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