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Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
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Feb 06, 2012

really liked it
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In Love That Dog the character Jack is forced to write poetry in Miss. Stretchberry’s classroom. He does not enjoy writing poetry at all, and does not feel confident about his work. He says it something just for girls. At first Jack isn’t too sure about his work, and whenever his teacher puts it on the board he asks if she will not say it his work. However, once he sees how good his work looks on the board he starts to become more confident and enjoys writing more. He begins writing about more personal things like his dog sky. He then becomes very interested in writing and becomes inspired by Mr. Walter Dean Myers, which leads him to his final poem about his dog Sky.

In Jack’s poems he doesn’t have any consistent rhyme scheme throughout his poems. However, Sharon Creech does a good job at incorporating sound into the poetry. Jack’s poems are mostly blank verse, but the type of words he used for his poems matched the emotion the poem was to have. For example, in his poem about his dog Sky, he uses sad words to express his feelings and words to express how he was actiing. I also though Sharon Creech did a very good job at creating an image in Jack’s poems mainly through the language that was used. Jack used words to explain how things acted and looked at, which created a clear image in my head. After reading this book, it gave me a very clear insight and very positive. It explained a typical boy student who does not want to be writing poetry at all. However, by the end he absolutely loves it and he becomes very confident with his work. I thought this book would be appropriate to incorporate in a poetry lesson in a young classroom. It helps students understand that even if you don’t understand how to write poetry or don’t think it’s something you should be doing, you’ll find it is enjoyable. Just like Jack, many students will be able to express themselves and feelings through these poems.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though Jack was not confident and didn’t want to be writing the poems and most definitely did not want his teacher to let anyone in the classroom know it was his work, he came to realize that it wasn’t that bad, and that he was pretty good at it. I can relate that to my own personal life. I tend to be insecure about my own work, but once you see how people react and realize you actually did a good job, it gives you the confidence and you start to enjoy it more. I would enjoy using this book in my own classroom in the future. It would be a very good book to introduce a poetry lesson. Many students’ young students don’t understand poetry, and are still insecure about their work. I think this book really triggers students, and shows them how they can talk about anything they want and express their feelings throughout poems.
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message 1: by Lea (new)

Lea Evering Excellent review...this is one of my favorite books! I use it with my language arts courses for a poetry unit. There is a sequel called Hate That Cat. :-)

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