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Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead
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Feb 11, 2012

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Fans of Richelle Mead, Those looking for a great adventure with a kickbutt heroine
Read from February 06 to 11, 2012

Book 9 in my 2012 Reading Challenge is Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead. It is the fourth and last installment in the Dark Series which is a series I started this year as part of my challenge. The beginning of 2012's book log seems to be very "Richelle Mead" heavy; and you can't really blame me for that as no matter what the story or who the characters, she will make sure to deliver you something worthwhile.

I finished Shadow Heir in the middle of the night. I could not and would not fall asleep without completing this book; and so I didn't. And completing the last chunk of the book as a whole left me with a crazy feeling stirring inside me, one that you get when you read a really, really good book. Upon finishing it, I could've sworn that I just sat there with wide eyes, clutching this book to my chest. And what's greater is that's the feeling Richelle delivers throughout the whole book.

The first quarter is a far vantage point from what you may usually expect in the Dark Swan series. It's slow but in a peaceful and serene way as Eugenie begins the preparations for her yet-to-be-born children. There is much danger but it's a real shift for our heroine as she must sit and take care of her children while others around her protect her from what is trying to hunt and kill her and her children. She's taken far from her comfort zones (since she lives between two worlds) and we are also taken out of ours, and like her, we are forced to exercise patience as we witness action but cannot take part in it. And just as you get used to the serenity of it all, you get kicked in the butt because the babies are born! Early!

The second half of the book is really action-packed, pretty much what can be expected from a usual Dark Swan novel. Eugenie travels back to the Otherworld to witness that many kingdoms, including two of her own, Dorian's and Maiwenn's have be struck with a blight, a nasty storm which has left many lands starving, suffering and dying. And to stop this blight, Eugenie and her team must go on a new adventure. And truly, that big adventure encompasses many small and entertaining ones. There were several times where I actually had to pause in my reading because I was getting so worked up about characters and their health and well-being. And then I would have to shake my head and remind myself that indeed, these characters are fictional.

You really can't get too comfy in this book because Richelle Mead does a great job just throwing new surprises at you. They are so unexpected and catches you off guard. You pretty much have to have an open mind and be ready for anything. What I really appreciate about this book is that Richelle Mead really takes the time to lay everything out and slowly build in elements into the story. The characters in their situations were so genuine that I couldn't help but feel a trillion different emotions as I read this book. If it isn't clear to you that I fell in love with this book, then this is me tell you now: if I could have a lover on the side, it would be this book. (Well, perhaps that's a little too dramatic of a statement; but you get my point.)

I'm giving Shawdow Heir a 5/5 for its excellent execution and balance in adventure, humour, romance, and journeying to one's purpose AND of course, leaving me with that wonderful feeling upon reading completion. Every reader should feel that sense of bittersweet relief every now and again.

So there you have it! Favourite'd! And 5/5!


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30.0% "I love the change of pace. I feel like I'm settling into something cozy. What a great feeling!"
02/10/2012 page 152
39.0% "This chapter on the blight has me shivering in my own house. Brrr! But I love how the action is back! This book is full of surprises and shifts in setting and mood. I love how it's so unexpected. The transitions are exceptional!"
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50.0% "Ugh, just reading about slaughtering an animal for food makes me not want to eat meat. Especially the way that they describe the beast. Yukk!"
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66.0% "I'm in love with King Dorian."
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76.0% "I'm on the edge of my seat! I had a sneak peak at the ending and I hope it's a joke. I hope they don't kill my favourite character :( I feel like I could cry just in worry and/or anticipation for something good. I really don't know."
02/10/2012 page 352
90.0% "Phew! He actually lived through that one. I was on the verge of a reader meltdown."
100.0% "Wow. Easily climbed to my "favourites" list. That was captivating and enticing and absolutely deceiving (in a good way). I am totally in love with this book and its characters. Review to come shortly...after I stop holding this book to my chest."
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