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A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker
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Feb 08, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from February 06 to 07, 2012

Wow!!! I loved it. All I have to say is, why haven't I heard of this book before? It is a must read people!

I was hooked from the beginning. I had a hard time putting this book down and if it wasn't for sick children(we love our children) I would have finished it in a day.

I Loved It!

Recommend : Anyone who loves Fantasy mixed with an ex-pirate and a kick-butt main female character! It really is a must read!

Warning: You may cry, so keep tissues close. This book will take your emotions for a ride.

Alright, on with the parts that I couldn't get enough of:

* I have to say it. Galadin reminds me of Orlando Bloom. A Half Elf and an ex-pirate. It was actually really wonderful to have an excuse to daydream about him. You know you wanna do it. Let's take a look....
Add that to

This equals one Sexy Galadin!

* I loved Caliphany. I thought she was the perfect female character. She decided to take her life back. I loved that she went and trained with (view spoiler). I am all about a sexy(view spoiler) training a girl who is learning she can take control of her destiny!

* One of my favorite parts was when Caliphany and (view spoiler) are out in the woods and they go tumbling. The scene was perfect.I think this for me was when the tides turned. I mean I thought there was something going on, but this scene seemed touching and sweet.

* I got the funniest looks from my hubby when I read about (view spoiler) dating. Really I just pictured her sweet friend hooked up with the other professor who she (view spoiler). Really, it just made me chuckle. Yes, I do laugh when I read and it drives my hubby crazy. What can I say it is like watching a movie for me.

* I did love Jayden Ravenwing as well. I mean the head of the kings guards, way sexy! I thought his part in the whole book was good, but a little sad. He was a better man then most and it was refreshing to read a book with a good guy against a good guy. Really, both men were winners. But one out weighed the other when it came to Cali.

* I loved the overall messages of this book.
Love Conquers All and Always Follow Your Heart
I don't think you can go wrong with either of these.

Wishes :

* The one wish I had was I wanted a few more cute scenes of Cali and (view spoiler) falling in love at the beginning. I really enjoyed the ones that were there but I could have loved a few more.

* Okay make that two wishes. I thought this was one of the few books that could have gotten away with Sectioning off the book. I am not sure what this is called, sorry. For example: When a book is broken up in 3 parts like: Free Falling, Troubled Switch, and Destiny or True Love. I don't know it might just me. I felt the characters shift and breaking up the book, would not have hurt it. Mysti is a great author and I think she could have pulled it off.

Favorite Quotes:

"No, I would never forget him. It would be like trying not to breathe—impossible."

"Together, we held to each other, swaying gently from side to side. We danced the dance of soul mates—a conversation that said nothing and everything all at once."

She poured a potion over my head wound. It burned, and I yelped. “A little?”Lillyanne shrugged. “Sorry. Every time I say, ‘It’ll hurt like hell’s blazes’,the patients take off. It’s a righteous lie, mind ye.”

To sum it up I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it! Thank you to Mysti Parker for sending me a copy to review. It was excellent. Bravo!
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Mysti Parker That's like the best review ever! And illustrated too! I'm swooning all over again, Mr. Bloom :) Thanks Mommaseymour!

Jenny Twist What a fabulous review!

Nora Weston Fantastic! So much fun reading this review. :)Congrats, Mysti!

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