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The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova
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Aug 31, 12

Read from August 26 to 31, 2012

Meet Tristan - man-slut, popular, life-guard, ultra-pretty-boy, average intelligence.

Tristan's life, up until the beginning of the book, is pretty straightforward. In fact his life is easy.

But all that's about to change because...HE'S A MERMAID! Wait, they prefer the term Merman. Cause that's 10,000 times more manly.

So, Merman Tristan discovers that he is, in fact, related to the Sea King, the ruler of all merpeople, his mother being a princess. Turns out, his grandfather is nearing the end of his reign, and needs a heir, and soon. Naturally, Tristan is a viable candidate.

I liked this, for the most part. The main issue I had is that I never connected with anyone in the story. Tristan in particular. He, as we're constantly reminded, is a popular guy/man-slut (since he constantly reminds us that he is the Panty Charmer), but we never see that side of him. Technically, he's in love with one girl in particular during the story, which might be why we never see his previous-to-book-beginning version (it's suppressed?). Basically, Tristan doesn't match the image his background description paints, or his stereotype. He also has no defining characteristics that set him apart. I didn't really root for him, either.

Also, Tristan adapts far too quickly to being a Mermaid, the entire supernatural world, actually. He gets angry for like a second (with his parents) then it's ♫ Mermaids ain't shit and they ain't sayin' nothin', a hundred vampires can't tell me nothin' ♫.

The plot pacing is also off a wee bit. I didn't notice it enough to go into it, so I won't. The plot itself could use some better direction, it didn't develop very naturally, or interestingly to maintain reader interest. At least mine, until the 2/3 of the way in when it picked up.

That's really it. Mostly worth a read, if there's nothing more pressing on your plate. Nothing really new, no genre-busting stuff. Probably reading the sequel.

P.S.: All Mermaids are super-beautiful, scantily clad vixens. Just tossing that out there. Ariel was one of the uglier ones, she's generally frowned upon by the mermaid community.
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