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Hello, Gorgeous! by MaryJanice Davidson
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Mar 28, 2012

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bookshelves: enhanced-human, humor, romance, sexy
Read from March 25 to 28, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting: 2004. Minnesota government research facility.
Miami hair salon and single’s apartment. Lithuanian castle.

Theme: love, trust, change

Stacy Gwen – Caitlyn’s sorority sister, best friend, party friend. She is very happy when she finds out Caitlyn isn’t dead, as the first reports.

The Boss: Gregory Hamlin, head of OSF. Intimidating, job focused.

Caitlyn James: aka Mirage : 24, intelligent, loves her parties, owns a hair salon – purchased with money inherited from parents – and she put all the rest of her large inheritance into a trust for a charity. She changes her hair at the drop of a hat… still connected to her sorority sisters. She gets taken by a secret government agency when she is all but dead after an accident, and implanted with nanobots that heal and enhance her & is implanted with some sort of environmental reader that ‘speaks’ right into her brain.

Dmitri Novakov aka Wolf – agent of some type, defusing a bomb in Berlin 8 years earlier.. He was first that the nanobots – he also refused to work for the Boss. He is handsome, reserved especially after the change.

Plot – The OSF has the technology (expensive though it is) to place nanobots to enhance the physical abilities and to read their environment – a computer screen in one eye.

When they are ready try again, Caitlyn shows up, dying from the accident she was in. When she wakes up, she is healed, she is strong, she can ‘see’ a screen that gives her readings about her environment (blood pressure, heart rate) and it interprets for her ( he is getting ready to lie)… she refuses to work for the OSF – then agrees to one job. (a nerd who is sending out computer virus’ – she is sent to neutralize him, she has sex with him, figuring that he was sublimating, and secures his promise to stop with the virus’) – but the Boss insists she’s not finished with them yet.

She is running her salon (they play mother-in-law jeopardy), knows the Boss has sent a spy… and after a month, he calls her in. When she makes it to his office 36 hours later, he wants her to stop someone who is murdering… it ends up murdering his scientists, though she doesn’t find this out from him. She says no – she reads about some in the newspaper… and the next night, at her party, the Boss shows up, and ends up hooking up with her gorgeous friend Stacey – an unlikey, but likeable pair. Then a gorgeous man shows up, asks if she works for the OSF, she says no, he leaves. But as Stacey predicts, she decides she needs to help if she can. The Boss sends her to Paris…. Texas. And when she enters her room, Dmitri is there, and reboots her (an unknown possibility – a pressure point at the base of her neck). She decides to go with him (on his private jet to his castle in Lithuania) because she’s attracted to him, because she wants to find out if he is the murderer, and because she wants to prove she is not the murderer.

He has her in psychology meetings with his mother – who likes her, and says she doesn’t think she’s guilty but you can never be sure when it comes to sociopaths (if that’s what she is ). His mom also tells her Dmitri’s history. Caitlyn questions how there could be another, when they told her that she if their first successful receiver of the nanobots that retained her humanity – what does that say about Dmitri?

They like each other, they don’t know if they can trust one another… He comes to her room that night… after some petting, she sends him away, not wanting to have sex with him until she knows for sure he is not the murderer. He is hurt – others fear and distrust him, think he’s a freak, he doesn’t want that from her.

In the morning, they hear of another murder – they rush back to Minnesota, now knowing neither is guilty – they have quick sex in the plane, though Dmitri is still holding back. He watches her confront the Boss over his relationship with her friend… and picks up when she says she won’t cry herself to sleep another night. His admiration for her is high, and he asks her what she meant – and she confides that she cried when he left her the night before – because she wanted to have sex with him but wanted to be sure about the murders first. He is relieved to find out she isn’t afraid of him… and they have sex.

He is far advanced in his abilities with the nanobots, and starts a computer analysis of the possible suspects. And they make love – not just sex. And she goes to see the boss, and his secretary isn’t there… and she puts it together… and rushes to the last scientist, who is in protective custody – but she is late, the secretary (jealous over the Boss spending time on this project, and subsequently on Stacey) has shot the last scientist, and headed over too kill her friend. They rush there with the Boss – and ala the Six Million Dollar man, Dmitri and her jump up 5 stories to her balcony (she almost misses), carrying the Boss with them. They stop the secretary in a nick of time, though the Boss takes a bullet in the shoulder for Stacey – now Caitlyn has to be nicer to him.

And Dmitiri asks Caitlyn to marry him, she says yes; she asks if he will help her with her new powers, he says yes; she agrees to live with him in Lithuania if hets central heat for the castle…

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