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Escape from Hell by Larry Niven
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Feb 22, 12

Read from February 05 to 22, 2012

Escape from Hell
By Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Publisher: Tor
Published In: New York, New York, USA
Date: 2009
Pgs: 332

Allen has escaped hell once already, but he is haunted. He needs to liberate those souls he feels are being unfairly tortured and confined. He is on a mission to harrow hell and free the deserving damned. The question is, “Now that he has returned to Hell, can he leave again.”

Dogma, religion, redemption, good vs. evil

Main Character:
Allen Carpenter…re: Carpentier

Favorite Character:
It has to be Allen. A science fiction writer who died and found himself in hell. And now seeks meaning and redemption while exploring hell and freeing those he feels deserve it.

Least Favorite Character:
Rosemary. She seems intent on repeating her mistakes from her previous life.

Favorite Scene:
It has to be the Oppenheimer scene in the climax. Helluva climax.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:
It seemed like there were too many characters disappearing from the troupe in too short a number of pages through the third quarter of the book. It didn’t feel rushed. It just seemed like someone was missing. Not something I can put my finger on exactly.

Last Page Sound:
This leaves me with a very similar feeling to what I had at the end of the first book, Inferno. It’s an ending with a wide open future stretching before it. But not in the sense that the story isn’t complete. The story is, in its way, complete. But there is a doorway to more.

Author Assessment:
I love them. I will read anything that they write together.

Disposition of Book:
Keep it

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31.0% "You can tell that there were 30 years between the time Inferno and this were written. I doubt the stylistic differences would be noticeable if the two had been written within a few years of one another. Not that Escape is bad. It's a pretty good book. But it's just not as urgent feeling or as tightly plotted as Inferno seemed in comparison. Bet this is only, really, apparent because I'm reading them back to back."
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