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Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James
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Feb 04, 12

bookshelves: erotica, romance
Read in January, 2012

Second in the Rough Riders erotic romance series about cowboys and rodeos. The series seems to revolve around the McKay family and their friends. The main couple focus here is on Colby McKay and Channing Kinkaid with peeks in at Cash Big Crow and Gemma Jansen and Trevor and Edgard.

My Take
It certainly started off differently! Then it got more interesting if a bit much on the submission end of sex.

Channing certainly enjoyed herself and it was a treat to read about a woman who got into the spirit of things even as she fell in love. And it was a very different falling in love with Colby being the vulnerable one although Edgard wasn't having much luck when he learned of the problems on his ranch in Brazil.

Still Channing found herself and worked up the resilience to tell her parents where she intended to take her life instead of allowing them to dictate her path.

James certainly didn't sugarcoat the hardship of competing in rodeo events. Ooof, I understand the competitiveness of it but I am sure glad I only had to read about the injuries!

I must confess I was not as impressed with the writing this time, although I guess you could say it fit the rough and tumble of rodeo life.

The Story
Colby is getting tired of the same ol' sex menages with Trevor and Edgard. Instead, he is rapidly becoming obsessed with Channing Kinkaid, but he sure ain't gonna be the one to tell her about Jared's wife.

But Channing does find out and after kicking Jared out, finds herself at a loss for how to get to the next stop on the circuit until Cash Big Crow takes a hand and points Colby in the right direction. A direction that leads to Channing's deal with Colby and his buddies to hang with 'em and bed 'em until Cheyenne. After a quick try-out to ensure Channing knows what she's getting into.

In some ways, it's a long hard ride to Cheyenne as Colby and Channing have their ups and downs learning each other's expectations even as Channing discovers Edgard's hopes and dreams. And Colby endures more and more injuries.

The Characters
Colby McKay participates in bull and saddle bronc riding and tie-down roping; Edgard Mancuso and Trevor Glanzer are together for team roping as well as tie-down roping. And it's not the only team activity in which they engage.

Channing Kinkaid is a runaway rich girl. She's followed her parents' party line all her life and now that she's graduated and set to teach this coming fall...well, she wants a little fun this summer.

Gemma Jansen a recently widowed rancher plays a part in befriending Channing and setting us up for Rode Hard, Put Up Wet with Cash Big Crow who has a good heart for our lovers. Some nice and sweet background on Gemma's husband Steve Jansen.

Colby's family catches up with him in Cheyenne:
Carson is his dad and he wants Colby marrying a girl who'll stick around, a girl like Amy Jo Foster. Carolyn is his mother. Cord is recently divorced and has custody of his son Ky. Keely is their little sister and she does NOT like Amy Jo with her goody-goody ways.

The Cover
The cover makes me think of vintage photographs with its sepia tone. Cory is walking toward us in his jeans and chaps, white shirt and buttoned up leather vest with his right arm swinging at his side, gloved and taped. In the background, Channing is standing in profile but looking out at us over her shoulder with a cocky stance to her whole body in her tight, tight jeans and tight cropped top.

The title is accurate enough as Colby McKay has got a Long Hard Ride in this series of rodeos.

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