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Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton
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Feb 04, 2012

it was amazing
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Although I didn't fall in love with the first book, Angelfire, of this series because I had some issues with the main character, I knew I had to give the second book a shot since the plot seemed full of action. Once I finished the book, my only thought was "Damn, THIS is how sequels should be written!". I think Wings Of The Wicked was the first sequel that I've read that actually managed to outdo its predecessor.

After the deadly events of Angelfire, Ellie is slowly starting to balance her responsibilities as the Preliator and her human life at the same time. Everything is calm for a while until she gets news that Bastian isn't done with her yet and that his new plans not only threaten Ellie's soul, but it also threatens humanity.

It's very clear that Ellie has made a huge transition, character-wise, from Angelfire. In the previous book, I felt that she was a little annoying and overly-sarcastic. In Wings Of The Wicked, she had really matured and she was a lot more level-headed than she usually was. I was pleasantly surprised by this character change since this was exactly how I wanted Ellie to be. She was still very strong, courageous and brave, but I also thought that she had become a lot more practical. We also got to see a slightly vulnerable side of Ellie. She was flawed and that only made her seem more realistic. I found it so much easier to attach myself to her character this time around. Ellie learned a lot about herself in this book and she was starting to really embrace the fact that that she was much more than the Preliator. I admired her for being so open minded and unbiased. One thing I've always loved about Ellie's character is that she oozes confidence and poise. Moreover, she was who was always ready to fight in order to protect her loved ones. I found that to be not only courageous, but also completely selfless. Ellie faced numerous ruthless obstacles throughout the book, ones that broke her heart and completely shattered her at first, but after a while she kept her head high and did what she had to. She didn't whine or complain or feel self-pity. The grief that she felt was genuine and I really felt for Ellie. I loved her character in Wings Of The Wicked. Hopefully, she doesn't change much in the next book, but instead remain as kick-ass as she was in this book.

One of my complaints from Angelfire was the romance. In my review, I mentioned that I somehow felt that Ellie and Will's relationship lacked depth and chemistry and that I felt it was too much like sibling love for my tastes. On the other hand, Wings Of The Wicked was full of sparks. Ellie and Will had some intense chemistry together. I swear there was so much tension whenever they were together that the pages of the book could have burned, figuratively speaking. At times, all I wanted was that they gave in to this extreme attraction that they had, but the tension just rocketing until it finally exploded and trust me, you'll definitely be satisfied with the outcome. Will was someone very protective and devoted to Ellie. The love and respect that he had for her was conspicuously visible throughout the book. You also get to see a jealous side of Will. I really thought he and Ellie were completely adorable and their moments together were just too cute.

The secondary characters were all wonderfully crafted. I especially loved that we got to see a lot more of Cadan in this book. His character really intrigued me in the previous book and I was happy to learn more about him. He was definitely not what I expected and I did fall for him. He admitted to having feelings for Ellie, but thankfully, Ellie knew with whom she belonged. I really appreciated the fact that Ellie knew how to make up her mind with the love triangle unlike so many other YA heroines. It only proved that the love she had for Will was authentic. I grew to love many of the secondary characters in the book. On numerous occasions, I had my heart broken since the author wasn't someone afraid to kill off her characters.

As far as the angel stories go, the Angelfire series is definitely my favorite. The story author has concocted is exciting, thrilling and intriguing. Courtney Allison Moulton's story just makes you want to read non-stop because it's action-packed from start to finish. What I truly loved with Wings Of The Wicked was how fast-paced the book was. This ensures that your attention isn't wavering once while you're reading. Wings Of The Wicked was so exceptionally well-written that I just didn't want the book to actually finish. The events that occurred in the book really managed to stir up so many different emotions in me. I felt excitement, fear, love, desperation and utter fear alongside Ellie. The author really shook me up at times. There were deaths and so many incredible plot twists that I couldn't foresee which made the book a whole lot more addictive. The angel mythology was also explained thoroughly and I wasn't left with thousands of questions running circles in my mind. The book ended with a killer cliffhanger that had me craving and itching for more. I swear you're going to feel really frustrated by this ending, especially since we have to wait until 2013 for the third book. Be warned, your heart is most probably going to stop.

Personally, I thought that Wings Of The Wicked was an outstandingly well-written sequel that, without any doubt, eclipsed the first book in the series. This continuation to the first book was filled with non-stop action, jaw-dropping plot lines, deliciously romantic and swoon-worthy moments and mind-blowing characters that will have you rooting for them. Wings Of The Wicked is ,most definitely, a huge success that you don't want to miss out!

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