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Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell
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Feb 03, 2012

it was ok

I listened to this book before falling asleep so it is possible that I missed something, but if not this is an astoundingly bad book (I am giving it an extra star since the reader was v. good and it was easy to fall asleep to). It is a story of three friends in the upper echelons of Manhattan society. It purports to be a feminist book, with frequent musings on the unfairness towards women in the work place and questions like "would a man be treated like this". However, the feminist angle is used here in a totally self-serving way to justify horrible behavior by our heroines. One schemes to advance in her company and sets up a male colleague to get his job, while also having an affair with a toy boy to whom she pays money. Ugh. Another lives for work and does not interact with her three small children at all, all the while making sure her stay at home husband knows that she is the bread winner and he is worthless, yet when said husband wants to leave her and take the kids she is furious. She makes him live in an apartment next to her and her new lover AND care for the kids!!! Really! Basically, these women do act like men, specifically despicable men! Is it a parody? satire? or good for the goose type of parable?

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