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Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
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Feb 03, 2012

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Read from August 16 to 19, 2012

Do you remember those days as pre-teens, or teenagers when the game Truth or Dare seemed like the most exciting and most-played game at parties? Well... imagine, instead of the dares being hugging the nearest boy or confessing to your crush, you're dared to do something illegal, something out of your comfort zone, something that involves embarrassing yourself a million times over in exchange for a large sum of money or something valuable you've lusted after for a long time? Would you accept the dare? Would you resist the temptation?

Nerve offered an insight into the commercially driven society that we live in today. It was thought-provoking and filled with mystery from beginning to end! It was so exciting to see what new dare Nerve had in store for Vee (I've always loved truth or dare so I was bubbling with excitement every time Vee had to perform a new dare!) Nerve was fast-paced and at times incredibly thrilling-you'll be at the edge of your seat wondering what the hell was going to happen next!

While I enjoyed the plot, I had problems with the characterisation and romance between Vee and Ian. Not one single character was memorable nor interesting in any way. There was also very little information (say, very basic) about any of the character's lives, so it was extremely difficult for me to connect with any of them. I guess the author focused too much on the plot and mystery rather than creating a cast of brilliant, memorable characters.

The romance most unfortunately felt forced; almost as if it was written just because it seems every YA book MUST have romance (especially between a 'hot' guy and not-so-noticeable girl). I wouldn't say there was insta-love BUT Vee and Ian's relationship progressed awfully fast...literally jumping from semi-strangers to lovers. There was no spark, no chemistry- it was more 'oh hey I only met you 3hours ago, but let's make-out!' Yeahh...not cool. I still think Vee and Ian would've been better off as allies in the game.

The best way to describe Nerve would be fun and enjoyable. It was flawed and I had hoped some of the dares could've been more....daring and intense BUT I was still impressed with what Nerve offered. :) Fast-paced and exhilarating, fans of action-packed thrillers should definitely give this a go! :)
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message 1: by Lana (new)

Lana How was 'sizzling-hot' Ian? :)

Shirley Not very "sizzling-hot" at all. I still have no idea what he looks like :/

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