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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
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Feb 03, 2012

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I am on the fence for this one. On the positive side, I have read every book in this series, and I really enjoy the story. This book kept me reading until the end because I wanted to know what became of everyone. However, upon reaching the end, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of originality. The author might as well have cut and pasted the end from The Lord of the Rings. And while I admit, the rest of the series bore a striking similarity to LotR, I was hoping for more from the end of this series. I guess I was wrong. I still thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the unique abilities of each. But on the other hand, I felt as though this story could have easiy been compressed into a much smaller book without losing the storyline. The writing itself left much to be desired. While I typically enjoy the action of a battle scene, I can only read about someone being stabbed or otherwise dispatched in a battle so many times before it gets boring. And about 2/3 of this book were similar battle scenes. But the biggest thing that bothered me about this book was the paradox in the actions of the good and evil characters. I didn't really feel like the Empire's soldiers should be cut down as Roran and Eragon do. These people were forced to swear allegiance to the king, and so they are little better than slaves, yet they are killed mercilessly by the protags, and I am left feeling pity for them, and anger toward the MCs. What makes them better than the evil king Galbatorix in those moments?

And so I am left with my hopefulness for this series carrying the positive points, and what was actually written drawing it down with negatives. I'd hoped for better.

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