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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi
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Jul 14, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: anyone, especially blind W fans
Read in October, 2008

60 pages in: WOW - better hang on for this one! Compelling stuff; do I think it well ever happen? I'm too cynical to believe that it would. Would I rejoice? Picture me with a bowl of popcorn glued to the idiot box tuned to CNN.

Just finished this last night. What an eye-opener! If Bugliosi wasn't a respected and successful prosecutor, I would be less apt to pay this any mind. I've never been a fan of G.W. (call me crazy, but I think that the leader of our country should, at the very least, be able to pronounce the word 'nuclear'), but this puts him and his cronies into a whole new category.
Some random thoughts..
- I loathe draft-dodger types who purport to be heros.
- Like Mother, like son, apparently.. the bit about her 'beautiful mind' just blows me away.
- It is incomprehensible to think we let Bush & company : alter the CIA reports to support their case for invading Iraq, keep the troops in Iraq after it was revealed that every reason given for going in was found to be a bold-faced lie. There were never any WMDs, nothing linking Iraq to 9-11 or Al Qaeda in any way, and yet we let this persist even after we know the reasons for going in were bogus! I just don't get it.. I feel like protesting in DC..anyone care to join me?
- How about this whole notion of 'not accepting defeat, we must have victory in Iraq'?.. what a load of bull puckey.. Could someone please define what victory in Iraq is? We've already taken out Hussein and sons and succeeded in killing 100K people - 4k plus of our own soldiers. Do I think it would dishonor all of our soldiers by pulling out? no, I don't, mainly because I don't think we should have gone in in the first place, and I don't think that losing any more to this occupation will prove a damned thing. We should have kept our focus on where the perpetrators of 9-11 were in the first place - Afghanistan.
- The last figure I heard on the total spent thus far in Iraq ALONE is $1,000,000,000,000.00... that's right, 12 zeros, folks.. one TRILLION dollars.. are you kidding me? How about taking care of our own first? There are plenty of Americans out there who could use a meal or some medicine.. but no, let's waste the money (and the lives of our sons and daughters) on Bush's sick little war.
- Awfully brave, isn't he, when sending soldiers over to fight the war on terror (who wouldn't, as president, do the very same thing after 9/11, and his ratings went up why?). When it was time to fight for their generation, where were Bush & Cheney?

Support the troops, not this administration's awful leadership!!

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message 1: by Bambi (new)

Bambi Wulfhorst " was revealed that every reason given for going in was found to be a bold-faced lie. There were never any WMDs..." How time has a way of making fools of people, especially those who loved to hate George W. Bush. It's October 17, 2014, and you Bush haters have been proved wrong once again, by the NY Times, no less. I have NO DOUBT that today you are an Obama supporter who has thirstily soaked up every single lie that has spewed forth from your Messiah. Have you complained about the deficit he's racked up? The troops killed under his watch (more than under Bush's watch, btw)? You call the Bush administration "awful leadership"? If there were no such thing as double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

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