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The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
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Jul 16, 2008

did not like it
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Recommended for: Folks who want to read 500+ pages of self-important Industry of Man porno
Read in July, 2008

Oh my God. Some dudes are castaway on this island and I cannot put real words together to explain why I wanted to kill this book. So here are some select Twitters from when I was reading it:

* I find it a little horrifying that the castaways in Verne's 'Mysterious Island' never use bone for anything. Too savage? [though they end up using some whale bone, but that's pretty white so it's okay]

* They didn't use bone to tip arrows! They waited until the dog found a porcupine! How are clothes mended?!

* Nor have they tanned hide yet—and left several seals to rot on a beach, taking the fat (for 'splosions & candles, no soap) ['splosions being nitro-glycerine, the better for shaping the world to human desires]

* My God, they're doing everything backwards. The Mysterious Island castaways finally tan some leather, but not the rabbits. No. Koalas.

* Yeah, I don't see how reading the "prequels" of Mysterious Island would help any. Pretty vaguely interwoven, there.

* Mysterious Island, has not made me want to expand my Verne reading. I mean, thanks for summarising '20,000 Leagues' and all so now I don't have to read it—but still. This book is on my shit list. My book shit list also names 'Little House on the Prairie', which I couldn't even finish at the age of nine. Good company for it, I think.

* The Terror and Unpredictability of Nature overwhelms Industry, okay. Whatever, Verne.
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Chronographia Hah! Hah! Hah!

I think I got through it with my respect for Verne intact by accepting it for what it was, early on: survival manual written by someone who wants to show off their bad-ass skience skillz, but with preachy Victorian overtones. After a while, you just go with it.

(Compared to Paris in the the Twentieth Century, it's a freaking cakewalk.)

B. Zedan Exactly! It's got some good info, but holycrap it's preachy about it.

I will always love Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in 80 Days was fun enough, but now I'm going to be especially wary of his books. Gimmie Wells any day instead.

Leigh-ann My personal nitpicky problem with the book was how much these guys killed. They were constantly hunting and shooting and trapping animals, as well as raising them domestically -- what on earth did they do with all the food? Thank goodness they had Neb, "the happy Negro who couldn't stand the idea leaving his master for personal freedom" to do all the cooking. With his orangutan companion.

Feliks You guys are preposterous. Stop reading books forever, please. Stick with 'Twitter' from now on. Its really where you're more suited.

Nora I was inordinately pissed that they didn't do any knitting. I mean come ON! I agree, hardly Verne's best. It's like an outdated, boring wilderness survival manual with tiny hints of plot.

Josh wasn't written in English. you have to take that into account. translations don't always flatter original work.

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