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Legend by Marie Lu
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Dec 02, 2014

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bookshelves: angst, derivative, dystopian, readin2012, series, ya, eh
Read on May 23, 2012

I liked the concept of the world/dystopia in this one, but Lu gives it so little attention! What is this Lake? Why is L.A. divided up the way it is? Why do some people work in the steam plants? So many questions about the world she's created...

This is thrown off balance by the love story. What I did appreciate about it is that the love interests didn't spend ages going back and forth over whether they really liked each other or not, blah blah blah. I hate that sort of wiffle-waffling. However, how many times can one character call the other "beautiful" on one page? (hint: a lot) There's a lot of gazing-into-each-other's-eyes and so on.

I'm curious to read the next book just to see if Lu steps up her world-building. That's part of the problem with this fixation on YA series--if only she had written one slightly-longer, but more fleshed-out book!
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AliceAnn I had to chuckle when you wrote about the Lake. In my head, it was Lake Michigan. I know, that doesn't make sense at all, because what is Lake Michigan doing in L.A.? (Although with my meager grasp of geography...maybe it isn't such a weird idea :)

What I enjoyed the most were the action scenes, when Day was escaping from the hospital, imagining the physicality of it all, along with the action scene at the end of the book. I was hoping to see June show us more of her moves as well rather than telling us about them. Or maybe I just don't remember her actions scenes as well, even though she was in the fight with the bar woman, and she was often climbing on top of things (she must have a much better way of handling heights than I do!).

I'm curious to see what happens with Tess and Jacob? Joseph? Day's youngest brother. Also what lengths Thomas will go to in order to capture Day and June, since he seems to relish in retaliations and severe mayhem. Then there's the Mayor's? Emperor's? Main-Headguy's Grandson as well, who Lu may play up as a possible love-triangle.

Pamela Oh yes, I forgot about the Primo's son! Don't do it Lu!

The action scenes were pretty good. I guess I wish there were more of them and more of everything (except the beautiful eyes and beautiful hair etc) :)

I got so confused with that durn lake. I assume it's supposed to be a result of whatever messed up the weather? Checking a map of L.A. doesn't show a big enough lake. Amusingly enough, there is a town called "Placentia."

Etnik I also finished it tonight.Awesomeness<3

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