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Kiss, Date, Love, Hate by Luisa Plaja
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Mar 18, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on March 03, 2012


Lex used to carry on with Matt. Due to a certain incident, Lex broke up with Matt. Matt is now getting hot ‘n’ heavy with Gemma. Jess and George are Lex’s two best friends. George is madly in love with Jess but Jess does not reciprocate his feelings. Jess has a step-cousin, Drew. Drew gets along splendidly with Lex as buddies-in-perpetual-trouble. Lex, however, may also be attracted to Drew. But how is that possible when Lex knows that she is still pining over Matt?
Bizarre permutations and combinations in the game of Love?
Juvenile rants galore?
The onset of a migraine in the horizon?
Is that what this book seems like to you? Well, prepare to be surprised....pleasantly.
Our heroine, Lex Murphy, is a tad ticked off with life. She has broken up with the universally loved and much adulated Matt. Now she has to watch her ex-best friend and presentday Master back-stabber, Gemma cling like the proverbial limpet onto Matt’s arm. Sadly, Lex isn’t even your average intellectual bada** at all things educational. Her attention wanders in class and she is frustrated with her inability to grasp subjects quickly. She has herself convinced that she is an utter dunce and has resigned herself to spending most of her school years burning a Lex shaped imprint in the the chair outside the principal’s office.

Not that’s she’s complaining about that. The *Lex shaped imprint in the chair outside the principal’s office* that. And WHY is she not complaining? Because, more often than not, giving her company in the truant’s corner is Drew. The utterly delicious bad boy Drew who is blessed with a Scottish accent. Drew has a wicked sense of humour, a devil-may-care attitude and some seriously sweltering good looks. Yep, the fantasy male brought to life. Not that Lex is attracted to Drew. Lex wouldn’t dream of ...well, dreaming of Drew. Drew happens to be Lex’s best friend Jess’s much abhorred step-cousin and Lex definitely doesn’t want to upset Jess.

Jess’s other best friend is the delightfully Victorian (in attire and mannerisms) supergeek, George. Dear dutiful George is despondently in love with Jess. Dear, even more dutiful Jess, though doesn’t believe in the distracting influences of school romances. Studies (and shudder-inducingly enough, the principal) are her mental pin-up icons and she intends to keep her pretty l'il nose well within her books.Which leaves Lex without the joys of a girly best friend and dependent on the reluctant company of a besotted boyo best friend.

George, the quintessential Harry Potter/ Lord of The Rings/ blanket Gaming fan and Lex spend a lot of time testing out computer games and moping over their respectively dismal love lives. During one such quest, they discover a weird Sims-inspired game wherein creating profiles and personalities (based on themselves and their friends) causes actual concrete changes in the lives of their friends. Changes that are mental, physical and all together too delicious despotic to control.

Suddenly Lex is curvier, George has deep blue eyes and Matt seems to be ditching Gemma and falling for Lex.
Or is it?
Kiss Date Love Hate with it's pink cover stamped with pixelated characters is worthy of a *Lordy, Lordy, what a lovely book* hallelujah. I was expecting a run-of-the-mill rant on teen life and it’s never ending bag of fretful surprises. It was only the mystical tweak in the plot that pushed me to read the book. But here’s a tale that straddles light hearted teen drama and deeper, heart-wrenching issues, both with equal élan.

What started off as a chatty, *curl-up-with-a-Cinnabon* kind of YA read soon matured into a *Cinnabon-long-forgotten* emotional story. The narrative had humour, sarcastic quips, mini-stingers and scorching tasers, the ability to make you give a half-smile or sometimes a long-suffering shake of your head AND ultimately, a little but important twist at the tail that makes you simply want to bawl your eyes out.

I want my friends to read this book..... not because it will go down as the next great classic. But because, it’s a frank, funny and dignified tale of a girl who is loud, at times irritating, not shy by any means and not, NEVER EVER a victim. It’s a story about being sassy and honest and NOT hiding behind pages of simmering tension.

It’s about facing your friends, because as the mighty Dumbledore rightly said,
It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends."

It's about bringing all your cards to the table and telling the world that,
Hey! Yep..that’s me. Take me and even if you do leave me...well, I’m still going to be me.'

If this book were human, it would lace up it’s combat boots, wink jauntily and sway it’s hips as it walked off into the world.
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