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Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton
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Feb 04, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: angels, hero-dick-to-heroine, tstl-heroine, whiny-annoying-blah-heroine, love-triangle, disappointing
Read from February 02 to 03, 2012

2.5 stars - Some spoilers

Ellie is struggling to balance her normal human life with her duties as the archangel Gabriel. She won't give up her school, friends or social life seeing that they are the only things keeping her sane. Ellie and her guardian, Will are trying to stay one step ahead of the demonic reaper, Bastian who wants to unleash hell on Earth. They are also patrolling the streets at night, fighting demons and fighting their feelings for each other. Will is reluctant to have a relationship with Ellie since finding out she is actually the archangel Gabriel. Meanwhile Ellie is contending with her jealousy as Will's ex lover, Ava - an angelic reaper makes an appearance to help fight the good fight. Caden, the demonic reaper who helped Ellie stop Bastian in Angelfire, is still around and he's quite predictably taken a shine to Ellie.
Will is written as being utterly devoted and madly in love with Ellie for the 500 years they've worked together but this is contradicted by having Will's ex lover turn up, not to mention the talk of his previous girlfriends. Will having previous lovers is fine, but to then to write that Will has this epic love and one a kind devotedness to Ellie just makes it seem untrue.
Ellie is slightly more tolerable in this installment but she's still weak and needy. She whimpers, screams and cries in every difficult situation. I think it's good when someone fights for their love, but Ellie begs Will over and over to be with her and frankly it was pathetic.
Will was annoying, he just kept sending Ellie mixed signals, he said they couldn't be together yet he didn't allow her to move on. There's some suprises when Will finds out about his mother's past and who his father is.
Ellie's best friend Kate was a great character - fun, loyal and understanding. Ava, Will's ex lover was also written very well - she was thoughtful, tough and focused. Both Kate and Ava are better characters than Ellie.
The love triangle between Will-Ellie-Cadan was unnecessary as Ellie only had eyes for Will and Cadan was already siding with good so his love for Ellie wasn't needed for Cadan to help the good guys.
On the plus side there was more action and loss, which kept things entertaining. There is also insight into Ellie's past lives and it's revealed that Ellie has descendants. I'm hoping this will be explored in the next book and that we get to meet Ellie's great-great-great-etc-grandchildren because maybe that would give Ellie's character some gravitas, instead of Ellie just being all about Will and their super-speshul-one-of-a-kind-undying-lovely-love.
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Ezmirelda I felt the same way about this book. Most of the events seemed to come up out of the blue, and Ellie's character kind of got on my nerves at times. She cries more than any other YA character I've ever read about. And I've read A LOT of YA novels. :/

Ferdy Yea..Ellie even for YA standards was annoying, everyone was saying she's so special and strong but she needed saving constantly and a lot of the time she was just observing the fights instead of joining in..she more or less just watched Nathaniel die.

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