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Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur
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Aug 25, 14

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Read from February 02 to 04, 2012

I started out really liking this book. Keri Arthur brought a pretty cool idea to the urban fantasy table: an industry dedicated to splicing the genomes of vampires and shifters to create a troop of uber-soldiers with the best of both worlds. I definitely approved of this angle. It was easy to buy, and made a lot of sense about why there would have to be a Guardian agency in the first place.

The premise is basically this: Riley Jenson is a half-breed werewolf/vampire hybrid. She works for the Guardian agency, though she isn't exactly a guardian herself because she doesn't want to kill. Recently, her twin has AWOL during one of his secret assignments and Riley suspects foul play. As she unravels the conspiracy behind her brother's disappearance, it all seems to come down to genetics and profiteering - the question is who. And why. And whether the gorgeous vampire who appears naked on her porch one day has anything to do with it.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of emphasis put on the plot. Or even the Guardian agency. The trappings and the trimmings of the world were designed to create as many opportunities for sex as possible. I kind of felt I was reading one of the later Anita Blake series, as Riley's physiology was the basis for indiscriminate sex (during the "moon craze" period, she basically humps anything with a penis). That annoyed me. 1) Because...come on! Really? I can understand going into heat, but even animals quit when they're satisfied. I'm surprised that girl's pelvis didn't fracture from all the work she made it do. 2) As one of the other readers pointed out, this defies basic Darwinism. And nobody notices that a bunch of people get seriously randy during the full moon? Not even over several centuries? OK...

Also, all the male characters were totally awful. I'm not a hardcore feminist, but I do like to see women being portrayed as something other than sandwich-making sex objects. Talon was disgusting. Truly revolting. If the scenes between him and Riley were supposed to be sexy - I'm sorry, but there is nothing sexy about rampant sexism. Quinn was definitely supposed to be the hunky one but even HE annoyed me because he was just as big of an alpha asshole as his werewolf counterpart. I got so tired of his mixed signals, and the fact that he condemned all werewolves as sluts and murderers. Did I feel sympathy for him because he got taken advantage of by his ex-lover? No, because he takes advantage of people ALL THE TIME and dealt revenge back to her in spades.

I'm not a prude, but I also don't like it when a book labeled as urban fantasy is essentially soft-core porn (and this is extremely graphic, so if that bothers you, don't buy the book). Literally every other page was devoted to men giving Riley lustful looks, descriptions of whatever trampy outfit she happened to be wearing at the moment, or descriptions of her "moon craze." I'm hoping the second book in the series will be better. I guess we'll see...
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