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Bad Twin by Gary Troup
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Feb 02, 2012

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Read in May, 2006 — I own a copy

I finished reading Bad Twin by "Gary Troup." For those of you who aren't LOST fans, this is the novel that Sawyer was reading in manuscript form this season -- he found it in the wreckage. The story goes that Troup, the author of "Bad Twin," was on Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed on the island -- and that he was romantically involved with Cindy, the flight attendant who survived the crash of the tail section but who seemed to be taken by The Others early this season as the Tailies crossed the island to meet up with the other castaways.

The novel itself has nothing to do with the goings-on on the show, although several names familiar to viewers of LOST season two show up: the Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation. But they are background players in the novel as they have been so far on the show. And there are some secondary characters who share names (but nothing else) with characters on the show: a Shannon is mentioned, and a Walter, and a flight attendant named Cindy, and there's a guy named Moth (the name of the episode where Charley kicked his heroin addiction).

The book itself? If it were not labeled a LOST tie-in, I think it would enjoy a fairly decent life on the mystery shelves. It's as much of a fair-play thriller as you can get: the clues may not be dropped as clearly as you'd like, but once you hit the end you have a satisfying sense of "oh yeah, that makes sense." The main character, a detective named Paul Artisan, is engaging, as is his mentor Manny Weissman. The book is largely about the over-arching themes of LOST: the nature of good and evil, loss, redemption, and lots and lots of characters with "father issues." I recommend it as a good, quick, fun read for anyone, but fans of LOST will get that extra level of excitement out of wondering what hints the real authors (and no-one has yet let on who "Gary Troup" really is, although his name is an anagram for "purgatory.") have embedded in the book.

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