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The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
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Feb 02, 2012

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Read from February 16 to 18, 2013

Alright, let me start off by saying that I'm not a fan of epistolary fiction AKA novels that are told through letters or diary entries. I absolutely LOVED them, even tried to write a few of my own, when I was younger but it was one of those literary trends that I kind of grew out of as I got older. By the time that I was a young adult myself up until now I've pretty much avoided them unless its been for class. [And yes, epistolary is kind of a literary term. You caught me. xD] But I've had this book sitting on my shelf for well over a year now and it has been recommended to me so many times that I finally decided to pick it up. After all, with so many friends having enjoyed it I wanted nothing less than to love it myself.

The style grew on me after awhile. It felt realistic. It felt like the story almost had to be told this way, it wouldn't have worked any other way. The writing felt natural, the voice was right, and I liked how sometimes it would just cut off because sometimes you just don't finish those entries you are writing. Sometimes things are just that bad. I guess what I'm trying to say, in a really long-winded sort of way, was that it was real. It felt like this could really be happening on an island just off the coast.

Kaelyn was someone who could have been sitting in the back of your classroom all of these years and you might never have noticed. To me she was that one person that we always know by name but don't really know beyond that. I think it added to her character that she came across this way to me. She was a real person. And it, meaning the novel, makes you think about all of the people around you that you think you know but probably don't really know. It makes you look at that person next to you and wonder, if all hell was to break loose where would they stand?

[And the character progression! Ohemgee it was just so good! Things didn't feel like they developed all crazy-like, nothing was instantaneous or unbelievable.]

That is why I'm addicted to movies about epidemics and why I picked this one up, well that and I have had it recommend to me time and time again. They make you think and they make you wonder where you would stand when everything goes wrong. Because it could, so very easily. The Way We Fall, in my opinion, is a crazy realistic portrayal of what would go down if an epidemic [like the one in the novel] was to come out of left field. Reading it you could almost believe it was a real girl's journal that someone found after the fact. Highly recommend giving this one a go if you're interested in the portrayal of epidemics and major disasters in the young adult spectrum. Crazy fascinating!

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2.0% "I'm always a bit iffy on epistolary fiction but I've had this rec'd to me so many times now I'm just going to give it a go." 2 comments
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33.0% "So CREEPY. And things haven't even gotten bad yet...but you just know with any epidemic story they are going to...its just a matter of when."
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65.0% "Slow going, just haven't felt much like reading lately."

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