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The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
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Apr 04, 12

it was amazing
Recommended for: Paranormal fans
Read from April 03 to 04, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** I loved this book, the pace is a lot faster then the first book as they try to keep ahead of the groups that want them and get to safety. There were a few moments that had me tearing up and some that had me laughing as they kept their spirits up. We learnt more about who's involved and the Nast cabal being involved made me think back to the first trilogy when they found the emails from Kit and one said he'd been captured by the Nasts and they'd finally let him go when he gave them what they wanted, I'm wondering if that's one of the things that tie the groups together aside from the St.Clouds and Edison Group? Was the information they got from Kit about the Phoenix experiment and where it was? Either way I think Maya did a lot of growing in this as well and learned she's not always right about people and needs to give people more of a chance then she has done in the past.
I know their are a lot of people hoping she'll end up with Daniel but I'm still hoping she ends up with Rafe, yes he's screwed up a couple of times but it's been with the best intentions and to his own sacrafice in a lot of ways (ie not getting to have friends, being essentially alone, not able to be with Maya like he wants to be, dealing with how his sister has changed). He doesn't get to have even a semblance of the life he should be having with friends to watch his back and help him, dates with the girl he likes or even being able to get advice from his big sister. Hopefully by the end of the next book he'll be able to get those things. I wish the others would accept him more even though I can understand their mindset.
I'm hoping they can find the other kids and get back to their families (assuming any of their families can be trusted, I'm sure some can). I'm hoping that Annie will get the help she needs and then her, Rafe, Hayley and Sam (though that girls attitude towards Rafe is really annoying me!) will be able to escape and reunite with Maya, Corey and Daniel. Still don't know what Corey and the girls are, two names were mentioned but the group didn't know what they meant or who they applied to so we still don't know, hopefully it'll be revealed in the next book.
Nicole was a shock to me, not a good one either, Hayley on the other hand gave me a pleasant shock. Sam I was starting to like until she started up on the Rafe hate campaign again and I just wanted to shove an old sock in her mouth to shut her up. She was being unreasonable and I suspect Rafe was right that her problem isn't with him personally but he's her outlet for what her problem really is. I just wish she'd get over it and stop being such a bitch!
Overall, I wasn't the slightest bit disappointed with this book, it was amazing and I really can't wait for the next book as I suspect the contact Rafe gave them without the cabal knowing may have been Kit or someone connected to Kit that could help Maya's group find Chloe's group and I'm really looking forward to the two groups meeting to see how they save everyone and destroy whatever lab/building that the others are being kept at. If only it wasn't a whole year away!

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Kelley Armstrong
“His gaze travelled down me, then zipped back to my face. "Sorry."
"Focus, Rafe."
"I am. Just on the wrong thing.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Calling

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MizBizSav Hey! I loved your review and it made me even more excited for "The Rising"! And haha, I recognized you from the Darkest Powers blog. I had been thinking it was you, but when I got to the part where you said Sam's attitude was getting on your nerves-- I KNEW it was you! Hehe. See you around! - Savanah

Suzan Mizbizsav wrote: "Hey! I loved your review and it made me even more excited for "The Rising"! And haha, I recognized you from the Darkest Powers blog. I had been thinking it was you, but when I got to the part where..."
Thank you! :-) Yeah, I have issues with Sam but it's frustrating cause I kinda like her as well! Lol! Probably see you on the board again!

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