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My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
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Feb 02, 2012

really liked it
I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** I loved this one and loved that it covered a topic of addiction as well. I kinda wanted to hit Kaylee at the same time as I wanted to hug her at the end of this and I just wanted to hit Tod period! I felt really bad for Nash and thought Kaylee shouldn't have been so harsh on him at the end. I understand having some trust issues but I don't think she should have put them on hiatus, espeacially as (whether it was intentional or not) she was responsible for his addiction.

I can understand how it got so out of hand for him as he had no one he could turn to for help as in his eyes his brother hates him and wants only to hurt him at every turn (Tod's fault for how he treats him and encourages this believe by torturing Nash), Kaylee's Dad and uncle would have turned against him for it and used it against him, Kaylee was sick and recovering from almost dying so he felt he couldn't bother her with it, plus she may trust him on a professional level but she hasn't actually truly displayed any real personal trust in him, not to mention she's too caught up with judging his choice of friends and refusing to be a full part of his life by hanging out with him WITH his friends (instead making him choose between hanging with her or them) to notice that he was in trouble and fighting an addiction, nor could he burden his mother and no one else knows about Bean sidhes and the netherworld so he was isolated and fighting a serious addiction that grabs you soul deep. I thought Tod had no right to turn on him and hit him at the end considering what he did in the last book and I just hope Kaylee forgives Nash soon and takes him back before she loses him because I believe he genuinely loves her but she doesn't do much to show she cares for him day to day, she can't even tell him she loves him but she dumps him because she says he doesn't love her enough to fight the addiction for her and tell it no? He was trying to fight it but he was also hurting alot which made it hard for him to fight it, espeacially alone with no support. I look forward to the next book in October to see if they sort things out between them and if Tod will ever stop being such an ass to his little brother and let Nash know that he does care about him, maybe rebuild the relationship they had before Tod died and became a reaper.

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