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The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens
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Feb 02, 2012

it was amazing
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Love love love love it! I mean, it's the typical historical romance but it was the exchange between hero and heroine that got me hooked on this book. There was also a lot of things that kept me "hooked" but I guess you just have to read it and find it out for yourself!

So, it started of with rich-famous-painter-meet-damsel-in-distress. And first, Gerrard Debbington, yeap, he's the painter & our hero, have reserves on painting our heroine but there's a catch because upon painting Jacqueline Tregonning, she's our damsel in distress, he can also paint the famous gardens of Hellebore Hall. So, finally, he decides to go to Hellebore Hall, accompanied by his good friend Barnaby Adair. They arrive and meet the people residing at Hellebore Hall. Gerrard meets Jacqueline for the first time and he's curious and very much attracted to her but has reserves thinking he might lose his painting prowess if ever he falls in love with her. But still he pursues her and then goes his journey to win her. But then there's a mystery to be solved and until then they can't really be together.

Both main characters were likable and at the same time lovable. Gerrard shows this persona where at first I though he was this cold very faraway person but then, it was revealed that he's very compassionate and loving. He goes out of his way to win Jacqueline over. Loved the part where Jacqueline was proving that he does not intend to marry her, and they get into a fight about it, it was really funny and sweet.

Jacqueline, on the other hand, she's the type that I can relate to, she doesn't have any special talents, except for the embroidery that was mentioned at the beginning, but she is as normal and mediocre as anyone out there. And during reading, throughout the story, everything she did was a normal reaction with regards to her situation. I can see it actually happening in real life. I felt like her situation wasn't over exaggerated like some stories are.

Love Barnaby too, it seemed like he was the opposite of Gerrard. Where Gerrard was artistic he was the logical one. Where Gerrard was quiet and reserve, he was the funny, outgoing one. And they both put their heads together to solve the mystery around Jacqueline. Love Aunt Millicent too, she's very supportive and kept things together. Lord Tregonning, Jacqueline's dad, was at first annoying because how can you just let your daughter be a victim of rumor and gossip. But then comes the end and everything was all put to order. Eleanor was annoying especially when she was trying to seduce Gerrard. Jordan was just an ass.

I don't want to give anything away really because it was such a nice story, more than nice actually. I enjoyed it a lot. And there was this one chapter where I just love their dialogues that I kept on twitting them on twitter. I loved how Gerrard never let go of Jacqueline even though she was determined not to marry him; with a good reason of course. But Gerrard, in that chapter, was convincing her that everything's going to be alright and that he won't let her go and he would keep on "seducing" until she accepts him as her husband. It was so cute, I swear!

So, all in all, it was really an amazing read! This made me smile a lot! Made me giddy too! The word we use is "kinikilig". I don't know how to translate that to English but yeah, that describes how I felt. Anyway, I do recommend this book. It was my first Stephanie Laurens novel and I can definitely say I wasn't disappointed! Hoping to read more from her in the future! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :D
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Stephanie Laurens
“Love wasn't a happening one decided on---to indulge or not, to partake or not. To feel or not. When it came, when it struck, the only decision left to make was how to respond---whether you embraced it, took it in, and made it a part of you, or whether you turned your back and let it die.”
Stephanie Laurens, The Truth About Love

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