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The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 2, Part 1 by I.E.S. Edwards
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This is the third volume of the massive Third Edition of the Cambridge Ancient History and, naturally, with a 1973 date affixed, it is going to be out of date (the GoodReads introduction appears misleading in this respect since it must refer to the revision of the Second Edition).

However, it still stands up to scrutiny as a basic reference work on a period that is partly to be understood historically, if mostly archaeologically. Stubbings' attempt to relate Greek legend to the creation of the Mycenean culture is particularly entertaining though one remains sceptical.

The period is that of the 12th Dynasty to Amenophis III in Egypt, the Middle and Late Bronze Ages in the Aegean (including the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures), the age of Hammurabi the Law-Giver in Mesopotamia and the rise of the Hittites in Anatolia.

A new Edition will be needed very soon but it can remain in the Library as a basic grounder to be supplemented by reading in more up-to-date and specialist works.

There are good maps throughout the series although Plates have, frustratingly, to be purchased separately. There are also few illustrations making the volume less useful than it might have been.

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