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Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
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Feb 01, 12

it was amazing
Read on February 01, 2012

Dawn McCormick
Mrs. Hunter
February 1, 2012

Awake at Dawn
What would you do if you found out you weren’t human? What would you do if you found out you weren’t human and were surrounded by werewolves, witches, vampires, fairies, and shape shifters, but didn’t know what you were? That’s what Kiley Galen, a 17 year old girl from Texas, has been going through. This amazing book was written by C.C. Hunter, and copyrighted by Christie Craig in 2011. This book is about self discovery, conflicting love, and secret dangers that seem to lurk everywhere.
In this Book Kiley Galen continues her journey of trying to answer her main question, “What am I?”. Awake at Dawn is the second book in the Shadow Falls series. In the first book Kiley finds out that the reason she can see ghosts and doesn’t feel normal is because anything but. So she ends up going to Shadow Falls camp, a place for special kids. But by special I mean legendary and paranormal creature. Werewolves to vampires to even fairies. In this second book Kiley continues her journey of self discovery. Learning that she has new powers like healing, dream walking, and the gift of being a protector. This story takes place in the woodsy part of Texas. Along with Kiley there are her new friends, there’s Della who is a vampire with attitude but is always there when her friends need help. Also there is Miranda who is a witch who can be a lil’ moody but is a good friend all in all. Then there are Kiley’s guys. For starters there is Lucas who is a smoke’n hot werewolf who Kiley has knows since she was 6 years old when he used to be her neighbor. She knows she likes him (a lot) but she is conflicted because there is also Derek who is also very good looking and is half fairy. He and Kiley met on the first day of camp and ever since the first met they could feel the bond they had but with Lucas also being there Kiley can’t figure out who she is more connected to. Also among love drama and identity crisis a rouge vampire from the Blood Brother gang that’s been causing trouble for Shadow Falls, has been stalking Kiley because he wants her to be his bride. And to go with this creep his grand father is on the vampire high council but has magical powers?!
This book to me personally is amazing. Its got everything I love in a great book, conflicted romance, some fighting, definitely mystery, paranormal beings, and its just so amazing. I’ve read other books with similar topics Like Vampire Academy and The House of Night series, and if I’m being honest this isn’t my all time favorite book but its pretty high up there on the rating list. I would definitely recommend this book to others who like a good book that will satisfy your thirst for adventure.
So yes I loved all this book had to offer. I give a loud shout out to C.C. Hunter for her amazing work. I can’t wait for the next one so I can find out if Kiley finds out what she is or who she might end up with or what is going to happen with the vampire with powers. But in conclusion I say this is one amazing book that you will fall in love with if you get past the first sentence. Ha-ha ;)

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