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Confessions from an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville
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Jun 17, 12

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I had no idea this was the 4th book in the Burgundy Club (a group of avid collector's of books), but that is probably just as well since I wasn't very interested in the other characters (all of whom featured as the main characters in the preceding three books). Maybe would have read the second book, THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT, as it is the direct precursor to the events of this novel and gives fleshing out of everything they mention as backstory.

Then again I don't know if I want to see Blake and Minerva at each other's throats, I rather enjoyed the slow build up as they came to tolerate, respect and enjoy each other's company.

Some of it annoyed me. I felt Neville draw out their misconceptions and prejudices against each other too long. I was also irrationally irked by Minerva's age (19)--it seems I've gotten used to old historical romance heroines and to me Minerva being 19 felt...odd (especially as my sister is 19 and I can't see her acting that mature).

I would have liked a bit more resolution in regards to Blake's 'dark secret'. It all comes tumbling out to Minerva and one other person within pages of each other and for the latter its just kind of 'Oh so that's why' moment. We're never quite told if he tells everyone else or not and the 'epilogue' had me gritting my teeth as it seemed to contradict what they had said earlier about acceptance.

I can't deny though that this book had me hooked. I started it and finished it within the same day. Neville is a new author for me, but I think I'll keep a look out for her forthcoming novels.

A sidenote--why is the man on the cover wearing his BOOTS to bed? As least I assume that's a bed, it kind of resembles a scene near the middle.

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