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Karlson on the Roof by Astrid Lindgren
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Feb 25, 12

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Due date: Friday February 3rd
Pages: 35
This book is about an ordinary family with a normal house. On top of this house a man lives he is named Karlson. This familiy doesn't knows Karlson lives there. Smidge is the little kid from the family. One day Smidge found Karlson, he first get scary but then he calms. Karlson shows him many of his tricks like how to fly. Smidge and Karlson become great friends. Smidge becomes a great fan of Karlson and he talks to his family about him the whole day. Obviously his family thinks he is crazy and don't believe him. Smidge says that Karlson is the best speedy cleaner and says he can fly and many other things. His family tries to ignore Smidge and they think he is a little crazy. One day Smidge brings Karlson to his house to prove his family he is not lying. He makes his family promess they won't say anything. Smidge is very proud of Karlson and he doesn't cares what his family thinks about him. The little i have read from this book I have liked it.

Reading log:
Due Date: Friday February 17th
Smidge is very angry with Sally. Sally is his older sister. She is having a date with her boyfriend and Karlson didn't knew. Karlson entered to Sally's room to meet her. Then Karlson realized they where having a date. Sally rejects Karlson and tells him to go outside. Karlson told Smidge what had happened and that was why Smidge was very angry. Smidge hated when his family trated bad some friend of him. Smidge decided to ruin her sister's date and he made a plan with Karlson. In the date they where watching a movie so they where going to enter Sally's room to watch the movie with them. They entered in a moment when they where about to kiss so Sally got very mad. The next day Smidge got to his house with a big bump in his head. His mom thought it had being Karlson's fault. Then Smidge explained her a boy at school had punched him. His mom was very preocupated. Smidge didn't care about his bump and continued his day.

Reading Log:
Due Date: Friday 24th
Pages: 45

Smidge went to his room. He was waiting for Karlson. Karlson lasted a lot of time. Smidge was beginning to think he was not going to come for what happened yesterday with Sally. Then finally Karlson came. When Karlson came he asked Smidge some help to be the "illiest person in the world". They made a plan to help Smidge to be the illiest person in the world. The plan included going to Karlson's house. Smidge had always wanted to go to his house. He didn't asked permission to his parents. His house was in the roof of his house. When Smidge got there he was a little disappointed. Smidge imagined something way better like with more fun. Then they started a game. The game had to do with something of being ill. Karlson wasn't treating Smidge good enough. Smidge got a little upset and mad at him.

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Ms Cochran I hadn't heard of this book before; thanks for bringing it to my attention! 25/25

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Ms Cochran THanks, Daniela! 25/25

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Ms Cochran Thank you, Daniela. Could you please include the number of minutes you read? 25/25

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