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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Feb 01, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on February 27, 2012

It’s close to midnight and I’ve just finished reading Beth Revis’s stunning novel, Across the Universe. Even though I’m so tired, I feel like I must write the review now even though I’m still wrapping my head around the awesomeness that is this novel.

I’m not really a science fiction reader. I really like reading dystopian books, but sometimes I fear that they’ll lose me with too much science. Initially, I feared reading this book, mainly because it wasn’t like all the other dystopians out there. The story is about Amy, who is cryogenically frozen aboard the Godspeed, destined to begin her life on a new planet — 300 years in the future. But before she reaches the planet, her capsule is opened and she discovers a new life aboard the Godspeed, where nothing seems to make sense.

After I got used to the flow of the novel — I’m pretty sure I was lost at the term “cryogenically frozen” — I fell into a groove of reading it. The beginning was quite disturbing, but it sucked me in nonetheless. After that, I could not put this book down, for the life of me. I think one thing that I enjoyed was that this was a dystopian that didn’t take place on a transformed and beaten-to-death Earth — it was refreshing to read one that took place on a space craft, even if that makes the reader feel the same claustrophobia as the characters.

The characters in this book were very well written. I loved meeting the passengers aboard the Godspeed and felt that they were all so wonderfully written, with the passengers mysterious fear of their leader, and the leader himself, Eldest, acting like a true horror-story of a leader. My favourite characters were definitely Amy and Elder and I’m happy that the novel didn’t succumb to any cheesy romance — it stuck mostly to the mystery of the space craft and all of its goings-on.

The writing was “brilly,” as the characters would say. I really liked the alternating chapters between Elder and Amy. At points, it really helped keep up the suspense — Revis would leave me hanging at the end of an Elder chapter, all through an Amy chapter, which would also leave me hanging, and the cycle would continue. Do you see how I couldn’t put it down? And the mystery part of it was definitely a mystery — I couldn’t guess what the outcome was going to be! And there are plenty of questions left for the next book, even if this one wraps up nicely if this was the only one read in the series (that’s actually a huge plus for me, even though I do intend on reading the next one A.S.A.P.!)

Of course, the novel wasn’t all lilacs and daisies for me. I remember when I tried to watch Battlestar Galactica at the recommendation of my brother who’s a huge fan. I only made it partway through the first episode and laughed every single time the f-bomb was uttered as “frack.” Well, Revis wrote the same kind of thing here and it’s “frex.” I really don’t get it, but at least it’s not the obvious swearing going on. But really, this is just me nitpicking.

If you’re looking for a great roller-coaster of a dystopian book, mixed with science fiction and mystery and plenty of plot twists throughout, definitely give Across the Universe a read. Yes, it’s a little slower paced, but it’s a quick read that you will not want to put down. It’ll make you wishing you had the sequel on hand to read next!

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