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The Quill Pen by Michelle Isenhoff
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Feb 01, 2012

it was amazing

Micah had a boring life. His father owned a store that he made Micah work in. Micah did not like working in the store. Micah’s father told him he would run the store someday and that in a few weeks, he was sending Micah to a boarding school far away. Micah dreamed of going out west and exploring new lands, but he could not stand up to his father. When Micah’s father told him he had to go to work for the grouchy old Widow Parsons, cleaning out her attic, Micah sadly gave in. While working in the attic, Micah found a beautiful quill pen and asked Widow Parsons what she wanted to do with it. She told Micah to burn it with the rest of the trash, but Micah hid the pen in his jacket and brought it home. Micah discovered that the quill pen had magical powers, it can write the future! What Micah also finds out is that there is a horrible price that comes when using the Quill Pen. Micah figured with the Quill Pen he could write the future he wanted and not live the future his father planned for him, but at what cost?

I liked how exciting this story was. The plot was really unique and it kept me trying to guess what was going to happen next! Micah was a great main character (my mom’s favorite character was Widow Parsons) because he was so adventurous and he also was very respectful to his father even when he disagreed with him. I like the way Michelle Isenhoff writes because she describes the places in her books so well you can really see it in your mind. I think both kids and adults would really like this book. The story would also be great for younger advanced readers (there is a bit of violence but nothing graphic).


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