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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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Feb 04, 12

it was ok
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While I still don't think her characters are all that interesting, I do like Clare's ability to conceal key points of her story, drawing out the suspense and leading her questioning reader on. What I do object to however, is this trend that permeates books like this, of a timeless evil, ultimately being defeated by a bunch of kids. I mean seriously, if it was that easy perhaps the so-called adults would have been able to handle it ,but no, of course not. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that the adults are relegated to pretty placeholders in these books, it just, lends a certain implausibility, when the fate of life as we know it, is reliant upon the abilities of children or teenagers. In fact it is so hilariously implausible, it prevents the story, for me at any rate, from being taken seriously, which I suppose is the point. The world is never really in danger, it's just make-believe, let them have their fun, just because the enemy is older than time itself doesn't mean defeat at the hand of a bunch of post-adolescents is impossible. In fact, one might say it is just this sort of conceit, that kids can't seriously be expected to solve any major problems, leave it to the adults, that these books defy with a rebelliousness which would make the inner emo proud.

One down side, or the major down side, it introducing a character who was there but wasn't there, you'll get what I mean as you read on. To me, that spares paragraphs devoted to building up a character, allowing quick insertion in an 'OMG WTF' revelation moment, which like the sudden emergence of a character who is recycled again here; you can see it coming a mile off, and so diminishes the effect, so it's more of a 'Ah yeah sure' revelation moment. That said however, this book works, mainly because it doesn't focus on Clary and Jace as much, although, of course they're still there, but surprisingly, they're not as annoying as I remember. Simon is more interesting and relevant now there's an actual story arc that has him central, rather than an annoying source of comic humour.

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02/01/2012 page 35
02/01/2012 page 35
8.0% "35 pages and no annoying git and clingy newbie incest-not-incest duo, what a relief. The only reason I am reading this is due to the fact that I was reminded of what I loved about these books, the mythology. I certainly did not want to read it for the characters, none of which I particularly care for. Prefer the previous cover art."
02/03/2012 page 182
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Annie Brewer Love this series!!!!

Woolfie  Silverbane I do like the books, I just think it has more promise than it comes out with, and could have been done better is all.

Annie Brewer Well, this one wasn't really my favorite. I liked the last one the best. City of Glass was my favorite book so far. Very anxious about City of Lost Souls!!

Woolfie  Silverbane I just felt that the trilogy was finished off nicely, and that starting a new one, well I felt it was rather unnecessary.

Annie Brewer I agree!! The last one was a pefect ending. Though I guess I can't say I am disappointed really since I enjoy the whole shadowhunter concept. And unlike you, I like the characters. I am a little worried about where it's heading though.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I also agree -- Cassie Clare should have left it as a trilogy. It didn't need any more books. But I hear the prequels/Infernal Devices is good...haven't read it yet.

(Buuuuut I like the characters too and the mythology. And the covers. Hehe)

message 7: by Woolfie (last edited Feb 01, 2012 07:01PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Woolfie  Silverbane I like the characters well enough, I just felt the whole plot with Valentine wasn't taken as seriously as it was, the battle for Idris was rather generic, and the final showdown was pfft!
Too much annoying 'ooh i love him but I can't coz like eww, but I wanna but I shouldn't but I really wanna oh wait yeah we can do it now, mwa Frayland FTW or something along those lines:p

Annie Brewer Woolfie wrote: "I like the characters well enough, I just felt the whole plot with Valentine wasn't taken as seriously as it was, the battle for Idris was rather generic, and the final showdown was pfft!
Too much ..."

LMAO!! Nice impression there! Aint that the truth. That did turn me off and I almost stopped reading the series because of the incestual crap!

But I feel it got better. But of course our opinions will be different because of our sexes. Still I loved the mythology and the battles were well done I think.
The Infernal Devices are really good from what I hear. I have them but haven't read them yet.

Woolfie  Silverbane I've read Clockwork Angel, it's different but a little the same. but then again having read Dickens and Conan Doyle, her Victorian England was always going to be a pale imitation. I thought MI was better, ut I've yet to read Clockwork Prince.

Annie Brewer Well if you didn't like CA that much, I doubt you would like CP any better. The sequels aren't usually as good as the first books. I am just excited to see Magnus in this series as well. He is one of my favorite characters in TMI. I just keep hearing nothing but raves about TID so I am eager to start it.

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