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Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson
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Feb 01, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: adventure, fantasy
Read from March 24 to 25, 2012

Had I known this was going to be a Christian religious fantasy, I wouldn't have bothered.

Why does it seem adventure novels are always written by authors with little political or religious objectivism? Too often they get tied up in the strictures of Christian religious thought and use its mythology as some sort of reliable historical document on which to build their plots. Less than a quarter way through this, I felt like I was reading the plot to the SciFi Channel's latest horror fantasy movie special; the kind in which everything is based on a cliched and a narrow view of the world and the science is as thin as air. And, of course, the writer cant resist the opportunity to give the audience a poorly disguised sermon on how we all need faith...Christian faith that is.

As for the political nonsense, I thought it was 2012, where is this new "Soviet Union" coming from? Weren't their countries mostly destroyed in the disaster? who are these neocommunists communing with?

You'd think the past 25 years had never happened. There seems to be this ridiculous idea that the Chinese and these new Soviets share a single political hive mind that has not changed since the 80s. In this book the Chinese and Soviets aren't people but ideas and they play a part that was scripted 25 years before the dramatic events of this novel and do not adjust to the current situation as you'd expect intelligent people might. They are also idiots without individual ideas whose goals are entirely centered on religious and political fanaticism. This all seems to be coming from a evangelical interpretation of the book of revelations.

The plot shows a western bias in the author's mind. Western Europeans are able to adjust their political structures to adapt to the disaster but the Chinese and Russians fall back on old structures rather than making new alliances. But worse yet, the author takes time in the middle to praise the ingenuity of the Americans through the one British character... and that's right about the time I realize I find this novel somewhat offensive.

Despite not having suffered an ecological collapse, and naturally incapable of rational thought, the Arab alliance sends jihadists to see to their best interests. It wouldn't be a 21st century novel without Islamic terrorists, the new Nazis of adventure novels. But again, the superiority of Christianity is exemplified as Aziz, renounces his faith. And of course, the team doesn't kill him because they are superior in all ways.

What offended me most is the rant against scientists, courtesy of Merril, who have the audacity to actually pursue evidence rather than go with the theory 'god did it'. Everything that happens in this story is explained away by some nugget of biblical scripture.

I feel a little dumber having read this. Noah and the dinosaurs… seriously?
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