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The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Feb 01, 12

Read on February 01, 2012

** spoiler alert ** *SPOILERS* I am very relieved to be done with this book. I really wasn't concentrating much while reading it LOL...Nothing about the main couple sticks out for me at all!! And once again they're suddenly in love and I have no idea why or how it happened. Maybe it's just me who isn't connecting to these characters? I have to say out of the three types of hunters the Dream guys are boring LOL

One page Geary is all I don't do casual or one nighters and then they have a talk about how he's dying and then 2 secs later she's undressing cos she's gonna ride him into the ground?? WTF *crazy*...there's no build up, it's bam! I'm not that kinda girl and then a switch up to the best sex they've ever had!! And all in one chapter (less even, almost same paragraph) she's so in love she'll do anything to save him then she finds out the truth that he bartered her life to be mortal then she's all how could you do this, I hate you and then when he's gone she's soooo upset cos she still loves him? Again I say WTF?!?!? And oh yeah of course everyone around them can see how in love they are??

Basically. Arik's "emotions" were there but never quite fully reached for me, I don't know, something just always felt off and fell flat like he was supposed to be feeling these epic things but she wasn't describing it enough for it to come across that way for me. I don't even know if that makes sense.

Geary's wanting to prove her dad right was okay but again the emotions behind it just didn't quite cut it.

I can't remember any of the sex, I think they did it once, so yeah, that wasn't very hot either but no doubt it was the best they both ever had...but of course it would be for was his first time technically!

I liked Solin and the Delphoni (spelling??) were cool, they made it a bit more bearable for me. And I'm really curious about ZT!

But the Are you freaking kidding me? moment was with Hades - All it took for Hades...HADES to give up Arik's soul was for Peresphone to threaten to withhold sex from him or make him impotent??? Seriously??? Damn, even the god of the underworld is whipped I have to say that is verrrrrrrry disappointing!!!

The other thing that annoyed me was Geary getting Arik out of the freaking predictable. I would have loved some more description about the way out. It was over so quickly for me with a gasp here and oh I hope he's still behind me there! I'm just being picky aren't I? LOL

To be honest I can't even ramble as much as I normally do cos I don't remember a lot of this book, it took me awhile to get through it. Not as long as Ravyn and Susan mind you so that has to count for something right? LOL


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