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Ineo by Kelly Beltz
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May 21, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, fiction, science-fiction
Read from February 01 to 12, 2012

What a ride! I read Beyond the Stars: Kataria earlier in the year and was very happy to have the sequel near at hand. The ending had been exciting and with all the loose ends plus a cliff-hanger I needed to know what would happen next.

Beyond the Stars: Kataria was pure fun. Samantha (Sami) wants nothing more than to get back to her children at the space resort near Earth. But as a scientist she is absolutely fascinated by the presence of aliens and traveling in their space ship. We get to meet both the Katarians and Dreons in the first book. This second book has both those and so much more. I enjoyed learning all about them. The story has lots of adventure in it. I thought the Dreons were scary in the last book. I was wrong! There are even more scary aliens in Ineo and even weirder sentient beings.

This includes the Ineo which is an invisible being that basically takes possession of Sami's body when she is in trouble and needs help the most. It was a bit of mystery why the Ineo wanted to help Sami until the end of the story. This kept me interested even more. I wanted to know what was going on, not just if Sami and the gang would survive all the crazy things that were happening but also what the motivations of this being were.

I mentioned in my previous review that I felt bogged down by all the back-story at the beginning of Kataria. Sami's story with Jack comes back full force with the addition of the Ineo. This is where the romance aspect of the book gets real juicy because not only is Sami falling in love with Gaelen she has what feels like the real Jack right in front of her to hold as well. Does she tell Gaelen about this or does she let this become a secret between them? Watching Sami make these decisions was at times heart-breaking and heart-warming.

Beyond the Stars: Ineo is so far my favourite science fiction romance. The adventure is a thrill, the romance is sweet, and there are so many fascinating beings and interesting technology to read about.

** As reviewed on Suddenly Books.

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