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The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow
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Feb 01, 2012

Read from February 01 to 02, 2012

Over the past couple weeks I read “The Berlin Boxing Club” by Robert Sharenow. I thought it was a great book throughout. It is in the point of view of Karl Stern who happens to have Jewish heritage in the makings of Nazi Germany. He never thinks of himself as Jewish and keeps his heritage a secret, but somehow bullies at his school find out and harass him. In the beginning, his parents disillusion him to the situation his father’s art gallery has been put in by the Nazis. He starts out the book as a loser, but he gets the opportunity to get boxing Lessons from, the world famous boxer, Max Schmeling. While he is making his transition to a fighter, the Jews of Germany are dehumanized. By the end of the book riots erupt and he plays hero for his family. It is a fictional book with adventure, love, and heart break mixed in somewhere.
While reading the book I was always wondering what comes next and if his actions would cause something in the future, but Mr. Sharenow seems to always keep you on your feet as to what comes next. The book is split into 3 parts. The first and third, I felt, were more exciting. While the second had less meaning and was more of a transition, between the two. The plot of Karl becoming a great fighter really resonated in me and I feel like it would do the same for other teens who read this. When he makes his transition from loser to boxer he mostly makes changes in his confidence and skill in boxing although he does bulk up a little. His endeavor is really inspiring because of how his parents don’t really support him and his teacher seems to forget about him, yet he still fights through it.
The end of the book is a real cliff hanger leaving a lot of things up in the air. If Mr. Sharenow were to give the end of the book a happy ending it wouldn’t have made WWII seem so unsure. And if he were to have given it a happy ending it would’ve made it seem like there was no hope, but the way he ended was perfect. It would be very easy for someone to write a sequel to this and I hope he does.
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message 1: by Jenifer (new)

Jenifer Nice job teasing the ending without giving any spoilers!

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