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The High House by James Stoddard
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Feb 01, 2012

it was ok
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Lonnie Smith from almost a hundred people it got an average of 4 stars...

I think you might be the aberration.

Rich Oooh! A hundred whole people? Wow. Indeed, that is quite the hefty pool of reviews necessary to formulate a sound opinion! (And given that Stoddard's website actually BEGS people to go on sites like this and Amazon and give him 5-star reviews in order to try to get his books back in print, I might even suggest that he probably has enough friends and relatives who assign five stars to an otherwise obscure book that it would boost his rating artificially. ( Please.

Lonnie Smith Actually... if you look at the reviews... 41% of reviewers gave it 4 stars which I doubt a family member would do. The next highest percentage of rating was 5 stars, then a handful of 3 stars, less 2, and even fewer 1s. I think perhaps you are reacting too strongly to this...

Now I am just curious why?

Rich Wow! 41% of nearly 100 people? That's almost a whole section of one of my classes! Jeepers!

Lonnie Smith Again I remind you that the amount of people who have read a text do not affect the quality of the text.

Rich No, but it sure makes a difference in whether or not you trust the ratings. How's Litfin's book coming, by the way? It got a 4-star average, too -- from 67 whole reviewers! Must be a CLASSIC, just like "The High House."

Lonnie Smith Stoddard's book has not earned your disdain.

Rich What does this even mean?

Rich I just sold my copy of "The False House" on Amazon for $33.50. Not a bad investment. Almost makes up for the hours I lost reading Stoddard's other book.

Lonnie Smith Thats impressive. I got mine free from I am just sad it never came out in hardback.

message 11: by Rich (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rich Hmm... A classic like that, never issued in a hardcover edition... Quite amazing. I would have expected deluxe leather-bound editions of such a masterpiece. Kinda reduces it to the level of "Cinderella II" or "Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch" or one of the other Disney Direct-to-DVD releases, doesn't it?

Lonnie Smith Wow, you are really enjoying this. Did someone pee on the floor in your class recently? Or did you just wake up one day and say "I am going to have an unreciprocated response to this book and then beat that dead horse until my arms fall off."

ie. its really not as bad as you paint it. I would be willing to agree it is not a masterpiece, and entertain the thought that perhaps my view was colored by events in my life, or which end of the pendulum of book stylings I was enjoying at that time when I first read it. Heck, I would even respect a flat opposition in taste of whether the book was enjoyable or not...

but your insistence that it is one of the worst books you have ever read? And then doggedly pursuing it over a series of weeks? I can't accept it. What I meant by my statement above "Stoddard's book did not earn your disdain" basically meant the numbers aren't adding up. It is not terrible enough to warrant your level of hatred for it. We can argue everything in between that, but 1 and 1 aren't making 2 with you.

message 13: by Rich (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rich Hmm... Now you have me concerned -- and this is why I never get involved in theological arguments with students online... but... all this time... have I been taking this banter back and forth as lighthearted joking, while you have been more serious about it than I realized? Oops. All along, I've just been picking on you -- the book wasn't the WORST ever written -- I did, after all, give it 2 stars, and I did slog my way to the end of it (if it was THAT bad, I'd have flushed it by page 100). So if all this that I thought was playing around has actually been a personal affront to you, I apologize. If it helps, if I have another son, I'll name him "Carter." Or "Enoch." Your choice.

Lonnie Smith Lol, I choose Enoch.

No, I assumed you were teasing all along, but I did wonder a few times. Serious arguments should never be done online. Which perhaps the exception of some carefully controlled email discourses.

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