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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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May 05, 2012

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Read from January 31 to February 02, 2012

I have to agree with others in the fact that The Mortal Instruments should have ended at CITY OF GLASS. Mostly because after that, I feel like all the added drama is unnecessary and too repetitive. There comes a time when Jace's problems are just too much for you, and I think CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS embodies that. I know Clare said there was unfinished business, but I can't stand this excessive torture of Jace and Clary. They, at least, should have gotten a happy ending. A spinoff about Simon would have been fine, but it seems to be the same issue again and again. I know that there are authors who can't resist this--I seem to recall Richelle Mead saying that she'd cause even more harm to Dimitri and Rose if she wrote any more about them. I feel like Clare should have shown some of the same restraint. Also, the plot this time didn't hook me. Maybe because this whole thing is so overdone, or maybe I've gotten used to all the bitterness. At any rate, I only started getting interested at the end because I hoped that Clary would do something like...die. Something that I wasn't expecting, anyway. I was just so bored this time around. Also, there were some info dumps littered throughout that didn't exactly endear me to the story.

That said, I'll talk about the things I did enjoy about this book, because it's not a failure. It's far from that, despite the fact that I really think it's unnecessary. To start, I like how a lot of things from Infernal Devices turned up in this book--it was interesting to see the connection. Also, Clare does have a certain mastery with language that I appreciate. I know there are some people who complain about her overuse of similes, metaphors, etc, but I actually really like the atmosphere that she builds with her figurative language. In addition, I do like the voice she gives her characters. Each one has an individual personality, which I understand is difficult to attain. Though they all have some type of snarkiness, they do possess a level of individuality. It's hard to do that, especially with all the characters that Clare is juggling, but she does manage to pull it off. How the characters act, however, is a different matter. Especially with Jace's self-flagellation and Clary's amazingly pigheaded actions sometimes. The next series should just be about the cats instead.

I do think Clare has great merit as an author, with the views she gives of love, sacrifice, and what exactly your family says about you. Her writing is different, I think, and possesses some level of depth--of course, they're still YA novels, and I have yet to read one that has me blubbering with emotion.

I'm going to read CITY OF LOST SOULS and CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE because I hate not finishing off what I've started, and Clare actually has reasonable gaps between her book releases. And to be honest, I don't hate the spinoffs, even though they bore me occasionally. I'm looking forward to CLOCKWORK PRINCESS because I love the Infernal Devices infinitely more. And I hope the next series she writes will have a love affair between Church and Chairman Meow.

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