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The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
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Jul 15, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: mystery, fantasy
Recommended for: lovers of mysteries, people with a sense of the ridiculous
Read in July, 2008

07/15: Finished it today. So damn funny, if you like puns and referential literary humor and British mysteries. Simultaneously a romp (yes, a romp!) through nursery rhymes and fairy tales, while sending up the ridiculousness of both old-school murder mysteries and modern-day police procedurals. Recommended to anyone who likes mysteries and fairy tales. Will definitely be checking out the next one from the library in short order.

07/14: Halfway through. Can't wait to finish. If Wales were not so very far away, I'd be leaving offerings at Mr. Fforde's door, I think. I have laughed out loud several times and giggled many times more.

07/12: I have only read the first chapter of this, and I am already in love, purely because of the pun involving the history of Reading.
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brian tanabe Why do women seem to love this book/series/author more than men? It's definitely not chic lit, so I'm slightly confused.

Sarah I've no idea. More women read than men, especially things like police procedurals/mysteries, which this is a take on. It might just be that more women have read it, so the demographic is unbalanced to begin with.

My love for puns and satire is, of course, a personal failing, and not a gender-linked trait.

brian tanabe I dont mean this defensively, but do women really read more than men? Or did you just make that up? I'm thinking of my personal sphere... I guess I do know more women than men who read on somewhat of a regular basis.

Sarah Yes, it's borne out by statistics.

That link is to a study in the UK, not the USA, but it says that just under half of women had read a fiction book in the last seven days, while just a quarter of men said the same thing. (Newspapers were a different matter.) Romance novels and chick lit make up an enormous portion of the number of books printed, simply because there's an audience for them.

Here's an article from NPR on women and reading:

It says: "Men account for only 20 percent of the fiction market, according to surveys conducted in the U.S., Canada and Britain."

brian tanabe I shouldn't have questioned you...

Sarah Ha. If there's one thing I know, it's women and reading!

Actually, that's not true. There are tons of things I know more about than women and reading, but the fact that women are responsible for a large portion of the books purchased in the Western world really stuck with me when I heard about it.

brian tanabe I was at the dentist this morning -- my hygenist (female) reads a ton, my dentist (male) doesnt read at all. This is the start of my informal poll.

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