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Aug 04, 12

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Read on August 03, 2012

Rating: 2.5 Stars

I just want to let you all know that while I'm writing this, I am also building a fort. Yes, a fort to protect me from all the boulders and bombs that will most likely be thrown my way for highly disliking this novel. It doesn't matter that my fort is made of pillows or that it contains highly flammable books inside it - the point is, I have a fort. Thus, I hope you won't attack me since...well...I have a fort!

Part 1: In Which I "Get It"

I get it. I seriously do. I get why there is so much hype surrounding this novel. I get why you all love it. I really do. Unearthly released during a time when angel novels such as Hush, Hush, Hades, and Fallen were making waves - not all good - in the book community. Thus, in comparison with those novels, Unearthly is truly a masterpiece. But, in my opinion, it's a masterpiece in the same way that Twilight is a masterpiece when compared to Fifty Shades of Grey or Beautiful Disaster. It's much better than the norm, but it isn't that good at the same time.

More about that later - back to why I "get it." First and foremost, Unearthly provides a new and unique take on angel lore. Not only is it a story that doesn't feature a teenage girl falling in love with a fallen angel, it is also a story that doesn't feature insta-love or a true love triangle. Yippee! Clara, the protagonist of our story, is one-fourth of an angel herself. In Hand's novel, angels are given a divine purpose in life that they must fulfill. As they grow into teenagers, they begin to get glimpses or visions of their purpose and must accordingly go about completing them. Thus, when Clara is given a vision of saving a handsome teenage boy from a fire, she and her family take off from California to Wyoming where she meets Christian, the boy of her dreams (literally!).

Now, let me discuss the reasons why this novel really is quite good. First and foremost, I loved Clara's relationship with her mother, who is a half-angel. While I found it to be a little too perfect at some points, it was still nice to see her mother be such an active part of her life. Furthermore, I found that Clara's apprehensions about moving, her difficulty fitting into the social scheme at her new school, and her confusion over whether or not she is meant to get closer to Christian all handled quite realistically. In addition to Christian though, we have Tucker Avery - the annoying twin brother of Clara's best friend, Wendy. Tucker and Clara's relationship took a forefront in the second-half of the novel and I enjoyed how it was never rushed and it grew through conversation and the two spending time with each other.

So, really, there's a lot to love about this book: (1) Original/Unique/New take on angel lore (2) No Missing Parent Syndrome (3) Quite realistic emotions (4) One heart-warming romance that grows through conversation. So, you might ask, what went wrong?

Part 2: In Which I Don't Fall for the Hype

You see, despite having some excellent and interesting points, Unearthly was actually a massive disappointment. I believe that this is primarily due to the order in which I read my angel books --> (1) Hush, Hush (2) Daughter of Smoke and Bone (3) Angelfall (4) Shadows (5) Unearthly <-- Do you see a problem here? No? Well, let me tell you. I read this novel after reading Angelfall and Daughter of Smoke and Bone, two of the best angel novels written. Thus, I didn't have massively low expectations for my next angel novel. Combined with the glowing ratings and hype surrounding this story, I was really expecting something great. I feel as if whenever I go into a story expecting to hate it, I love it, and whenever I go into a novel expecting to love it, I usually hate it. I had a similar experience with this one.

While Unearthly had an original premises which I found fascinating, it was extremely boring for more than half the story. It was like any other contemporary romance with Clara attending high school, fainting when she saw Mr. I-am-SO-hot-Christian, and attempting to get closer to him because she felt a romantic spark between them. Yeah, nothing unique there, huh? I liked how Clara began to learn more about her angel abilities with her angel-blood friend, Angela, but either than that, everything about this story was so typical.

Speaking of Clara, her character simply grated on me. I think this might simply be an issue of personal preference, but Clara was perfect. As in, she is an angel therefore she is literally perfect. Clara was beautiful. Clara had gorgeous hair. Clara could do any sport effortlessly. Clara could charm any guy she wanted. Clara could speak any language she wanted. Clara could do this perfectly. Clara could do that perfectly. Clara was a freaking perfect angel! I get it - I know she's an angel - but it was so silly. Why did Clara need to be perfect? I love flawed characters and while Clara was flawed in the sense that she did rebel against the laws of her angelic society and she found some things hard, for the most part, I was just annoyed with her. Furthermore, I couldn’t connect with her in the least. Clara, you have a problem? Well, guess what? Us, humans? We always have problems, so suck it up! It seems harsh, but I was extremely irritated by this quality of hers. I think it became less problematic as the novel progressed, but it was glaringly obvious – and casted Clara into a petulant light actually – for the first half of the story.

Once the half-way mark of this novel was passed, it began to pick up a little. I liked how Clara refused to be one of those girls who chased after a guy and her developing relationship with Tucker was sweet. I loved Tucker Avery - he is everything you want a guy to be. In fact, I found him to be a little too perfect actually which annoyed me ever-so-slightly. If you liked Zeke from The Immortal Rules, you'll probably adore Tucker. Yet, while I hated Zeke, I did manage to like Tucker, despite his perfection. While I found his reaction to Clara's angel background and his acceptance of certain actions they were forced to take during their relationship very unrealistic and too convenient, it was still bearable. Yet, I was rolling my eyes the moment the word love popped into the picture. Yes, Clara and Tucker did like each other, but love? Puh-lease, give me a break! Furthermore, Clara still felt drawn to Christian which was simply irritating. I know she chose one of the guys, but it felt as if the plot still had love-triangle potential, which made me want to run away screaming.

While Tucker is a complete gentleman, Christian is a total jerk. Yes, I mean it, a JERK. While he did perform a rather inexcusable act on the night of prom, it was even worse before that night when he refused to be seen in Clara's presence around his friends. I hate guys like that and Christian, no matter how HOT he may have been, was no exception. Furthermore, I found the fact that Clara was so obsessed him to be rather startling and boring. I didn’t care about Christian. I didn’t understand how dating Christian was going to help her solve her purpose. I didn’t even understand why her mother was being such a stickler about her dating anyone but Christian. Somehow, I never felt the seriousness of this whole purpose. Yes, I got that it was Clara’s fate or destiny, but that actual sense of urgency that should have sent my heart rate up and made me sit on the edge of my seat with panic and worry? Uh…yeah, that was missing. Majorly.

While Unearthly began to wind down, we had an extra sub-plot of a fallen angel thrown in. Notice the key word: sub-plot. As in, not the main focus. In fact, it was so miniscule that I’m confused as to what role it even played in the plot of this story. In addition, the ending of this novel was nowhere near as shocking as other readers had extolled. It was not such a major plot twist and I, for one, was unimpressed by it. If anything, I’m annoyed with the ending of Unearthly. It leaves a lot of loose threads hanging, makes the reader question what exactly even happened during those last thirty-five pages of action, and wonder whether picking up the sequel is even worth it. Yes, that’s right. 35/435 Pages of this novel were action. What were the other 400 Pages devoted to? High School. Prom. Romance. Flying. Teen Angst. Jerks. Just your usual, run-of-the-mill, dramatic teenage novel.

In conclusion, while there is a lot to love about this book, its execution falls flat. Its characters are way too perfect, its romance is both convenient and not love even though it claims it is, the action its premises promises is miniscule, it throws in random sub-plots that only serve to make the reader confused and need to pick up the sequel in annoyance, and the few characters who are not perfect are simply annoying, irritating, or serve no purpose to the story. I like the idea of Unearthly and I like its writing and even the outline of its characters, but when you dig deeper and really analyze this novel, it’s nothing much but a standard Young Adult Paranormal Romance paraded around under a cover of hype, false originality, and very little true action to compensate for its flaws.

Now, the million dollar question is... will I read the sequel? I think… no. While it probably will be a quick read, much like Unearthly was for me, I don't think I'm up for another dose of this world. I simply don't care for the characters enough and while some readers claim the sequel is better, most lowered their ratings ever-so-slightly, which means I will probably wind up giving Hallowed One Star. I think I'd rather just avoid writing that snarky review, thank you very much. Would I recommend Unearthly? If you haven’t read Angelfall or Daughter of Smoke and Bone then yes, I would. For you, it’ll be a unique and utterly compelling read. I, however, was disappointed and extremely unimpressed by this one. With that, I am off to hide under my impenetrable fort - let the boulder-throwing begin!

You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.
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08/03/2012 page 250
57.0% " Extremely unimpressed by this one so far. Yes, the writing is good. Yes, there's no insta-love...well...that's debatable. Yes, it's quite original, but I still don't get why there is so much hype surrounding this one! Clara isn't that great...she's annoying sometimes actually. I like her friends MUCH better...also...TEAM TUCKER FTW! Christian is a total jerk...just saying... ;)" 9 comments
08/03/2012 page 360
83.0% "Can Clara please just fail her purpose and get a new one? I mean, unless Christian is going to come up with the cure for cancer, he seems too unworthy to be going through all this trouble for. I don't care if Clara is sad, but seriously, you do NOT hurt a sweetheart like Tucker. Just. No. Tucker's Happiness > Christian's Safety. Take that Almighty Purpose! :P" 1 comment
08/03/2012 page 435
100.0% "Umm...that was really inconclusive. Not to mention lame. Plus, the whole plot twist wasn't that wow-ing. I guess I just really don't have any emotion when it comes to Christian? I want the sequel, but at the same time I feel like I should just yell "LAME" at the top of my lungs and not continue this series...hmm...we'll see... *sigh* Why the hype guys? Whyyy? Enlighten me." 9 comments

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message 1: by Kristen (new) - added it

Kristen I've seen this and wanted to read it. Looking forward to you comments. =)

Keertana So far, I'm not really enjoying it. I think this one has been hyped up SO much that I was expecting more and it just isn't living up. It definitely is a different type of angel book, I have to admit that, but it seems to be quite the typical YA Romance besides that. I think you'll enjoy this if you haven't read some more brilliant angel books like Angelfall or Daughter of Smoke and Bone...I'm more than half-way through this, so I'm hoping I like the ending! *fingers crossed*

message 3: by Kristen (new) - added it

Kristen Hmm, okay, good suggestion. Perhaps I will pick this up BEFORE I read Angelfall. That way I just keep upping the antie on my angel books. =) And then hopefully I'm not disappointed by any of them. Looking forward to see if you like it any better once you get more towards the end.

Keertana Yes, I definitely think you should pick this one up before Angelfall. I have about 100 Pages left, so hopefully I can up my rating!(:

Victoria Keertana, I have to agree with you even though I really like the book.

Keertana Thanks Victoria!(: I guess after reading some better angel books, this one lacks in comparison. Is the sequel better or should I just skip it? I'm probably going to give this one a 2.5 Stars unless it gets better...

message 7: by Victoria (last edited Aug 03, 2012 01:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Victoria I think Daughter of Smoke and Bone is way much better than Unearthly. Now thinking about Unearthly, it wasn't that great. I haven't read Angelfall, but I heard it was amazing! I'm looking forward to Angelfall! How was it? Does it lives to the hype?

Well, the sequel was okay (ish) read to me. It was a very, very, very sad, touching read, so I think you will have a change of heart for the series. I'm not sure if it's better, but I think both books are just okay to me. It's not the best angel book you have ever read, but it's certainly much better than most angel books out there. I hope that helps.

Keertana Angelfall is SO good! It totally lives up to the hype, especially since it's one of those novels where no matter how many reviews you read, you WILL still be surprised by it. I found the first chapter to be a little slow, but it picks up after that and is phenomenal!

Hmm...I'll probably check out the sequel anyway, just in awhile. Probably right before Boundless releases...if I even feel like reading that one. Ehh, I'm so disappointed by this one. I wish more books could live up to the hype! :/

Victoria That's great to hear! :D I hope I love it since I have been disappointed by many over-hyped books.

I know right?! I really wish books these days live up to the hype. I've been bummed out on many over-hyped books these days. In fact, I might have a loooong list of those kind of books. ;)

Keertana I actually have an entire shelf of books with that title! ;) I can't wait to see what you think of Angelfall though! I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype, but it totally did, so hopefully it'll prove the same for you! :)

Nafiza I actually wasn't as impressed with Daughter of Smoke and Bone as the rest of the world. I think what appeals to me about Unearthly is its characters and how they actually grow. The second book is better than the first one, second half of it anyway. But I guess everyone has their own taste. At least you gave it a try, eh?

Keertana I know a few of my other friends who were also not as impressed by DoSaB, so I understand. I simply didn't like the characters in Unearthly though, but I'm glad to hear you liked the second book better! I've mostly heard that it's worse, so you never know, I maaaay pick it up in the distant future! ;)

message 13: by Inge (new)

Inge Wow, I think this is the first negative review I have seen of Unearthly. Mine would probably be the second, based on your review. Sorry you didn't like it!

message 14: by MizzSandie (last edited Aug 04, 2012 09:53AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

MizzSandie Let me be clear: I am one of the ones who really enjoyed this book, and yet still:

I was happy to read you review (you wont be needing that fort around me), because it just shows me how there's room for diversity and how every readers experience is different, according to personal taste and expectations, and previous reads and so on. And that is a GOOD thing, in my opinion. We dont all need to love the same books, surely, I have read several books that goes on my 'books everyones loves but me' and 'why the hype?' where i am left wondering, whyyyy? just not getting it at all.

AND furthermore, you're good at explaining why and what you didnt like it, giving others a sense of where you're coming from.

I hope the next book you pick up will be more to your liking :)

message 15: by Keertana (last edited Aug 04, 2012 09:48AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Keertana Inge wrote: "Wow, I think this is the first negative review I have seen of Unearthly. Mine would probably be the second, based on your review. Sorry you didn't like it!"

I know! I was so sure I'd like this one and...I didn't. I feel like I'm on a different wavelength from others since I just seem to keep bashing on novels these days, but this one just didn't compare to other angel books for me, so I didn't enjoy it in the least. Plus, I hear the love triangle becomes much more prominent in the sequel, so I'm skipping that for sure. I wouldn't recommend this one at all Inge - just another YA disappointment! :/

Keertana MizzSandie wrote: "Let me be clear: I am one of the ones who really enjoyed this book, and yet still:

I was happy to read you review (you wont be needing that fort around me), because it just shows me how there's ro..."

Thanks MizzSandie! I think if I was one of the first ones to read this, I would have really enjoyed it, but after all the hype and glowing reviews, I guess I was expecting more. I'm always hesitant to write negative reviews for novels that nearly everyone seems to like, but sometimes it's hard to understand what made a story great to one person and not-so-great to another. I'm glad you enjoyed my review though and it's good to know I was able to explain my reasonings for disliking this one well!(: I definitely hope the next novel I read is more to my liking too, so thanks! :D

Kruti I feel as if whenever I go into a story expecting to hate it, I love it, and whenever I go into a novel expecting to love it, I usually hate it.

I agree!

Great review Kee, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who felt like that. I honestly don't understand all the hype around it.

Will you read the next book? I thought that one was worse than the first book but I'd love to see what you think of it.

Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews) Keertana,I love your sense of humor. Build away! I've yet to read this, and have pretty much only seen glowing reviews, so it's nice to hear a different perspective on it.

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but we always have Angelfall and DoSaB! ;)

Keertana Kruti wrote: "I feel as if whenever I go into a story expecting to hate it, I love it, and whenever I go into a novel expecting to love it, I usually hate it.

I agree!

Great review Kee, I'm glad that I'm not t..."

Thanks Kruti!(: I'm definitely not reading the next book. Not only did I hear that it focuses on the love triangle more, but it also gets more Biblical apparently. Plus, there's an actual fist fight between Tucker and Christian over Clara? Umm...give me a break! Clara is totally not worth it, not to mention Christian can win the Jerk of The Year Award without even trying. Perhaps I'll just read the first three chapters and write a super snarky review? Hmm...maybe! ;)

Keertana ☆Baroness☆ Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews) wrote: "Keertana,I love your sense of humor. Build away! I've yet to read this, and have pretty much only seen glowing reviews, so it's nice to hear a different perspective on it.

I'm sorry it didn't wor..."

Thanks Jessie! I usually try to be very professional when it comes to reviews, but I had to let my snarky side come out in this one! ;) I'd love to see what you think of this one when you do get around to reading it Jessie! If you read it, I'd definitely go into with low expectations - it doesn't live up to novels like Angelfall and DoSaB, so that was a large part of why I didn't like it. Anyway, you're right, we will always have Angelfall and DoSaB! If only Days of Blood and Starlight would release already! ;)

message 21: by Inge (new)

Inge Oh, everyone's allowed a snarky review here and there. How else are we supposed to retrieve our sanity?

Keertana ^ So true! ;)

Victoria Awesome review, Keertana! Hands down! :D I agree with all your points you made in your review.

message 24: by Lisa (last edited Aug 04, 2012 11:23AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa No need for a fort, Keertana. It was a good review and I agree with many of your points even though I ended up liking the book. I also think it's a good idea that you skip Hallowed. All of the problems you had with Unearthly get much worse in the sequel.

Keertana @Victoria: Thanks! :D

@Lisa: Thanks!(: I think I will skip Hallowed - especially if my issues with it only intensify in the sequel! I guess this series simply isn't for me! *shrug*

Lisbeth Avery {Domus Libri} You'll need that fort!

But seriously, I think the reason I loved it so much was I hadn't read DoSaB or Angelfall and I had just finished Fallen. If I read it again I'll probably have a different opinion.

Keertana *hides behind protective fort of pillows*

I think you might have too. I loved DoSaB and Angelfall just blew me away, so Unearthly really had a LOT to live up to and it isn't all its fault that it wasn't as great as other readers claimed. I would probably have had a different opinion if I read this before Angelfall and DoSaB as well, so I perfectly understand! :)

message 28: by Inge (new)

Inge If anyone tries to attack Keertana and/or her fort, they will have to deal with me! I will poke you with a stick, and I will not go easy on you!

Keertana Aww, thanks Inge! :D Yes, Inge does have a big stick...she threatened to poke me with it once when I threatened to tickle her, so beware! The joint team of Inge and Keertana is undefeatable! ;)

Steph I'm sad you didn't like it, but I know exactly what you mean about the hype. When I read it, I had read a few positive reviews but I still wasn't really expecting to love it so I was surprised when it was actually even better than I expected. As for Angelfall, everyone was saying it was the best book of the year and there was just so much hype that I definitely liked it, but wasn't completely blow away. Anyway, despite loving Unearthly, I do agree about your points, especially about Christian. I seriously hated him. I loved Tucker though and I did like Zeke (what didn't you like about him?) so I guess you're right about that. I didn't like Hallowed as much as Unearthly, so I guess I'd recommend skipping it. I read it too soon after the first and was expecting it to be so amazing and heartbreaking and it wasn't. I liked Clara and thought she was a realistic teenager despite being an angel but I guess she was a little perfect. Also, when she fainted I was pretty annoyed. Imo, Unearthly is on par with with Angelfall and better than Daughter of Smoke and Bone (now it's my turn to go build a fort). I found DoSaB good (gorgeous writing, unique setting and world-building) but not amazing like everyone else did (too-perfect characters and unbelievable insta-ish romance- so basically how you found Unearthly). Plus I hated the gigantic flashback sequence right when it was getting good. Anyway, to sum up my rambling, I just wanted to say that I liked your review and agreed with your points even though I loved the book.


Keertana Thanks Steph!(: I'm glad my arguments made sense and you still managed to agree with them, despite really enjoying this book. I'm definitely planning on skipping Hallowed for sure, not to worry. I think my issues with Clara and Zeke were similar - I really like flawed characters. For me, Clara's inherent perfection came off as unrealistic and in terms of Zeke, I was really expecting more from him, especially considering all he went through with the brainwashing. I felt as if his easy acceptance of Allison after life-long brainwashing was too easy and there was so much scope for improvement in his character that didn't come. If anything, I guess I would say he was kind of flat. (See my review of Immortal Rules for a better explanation!)

I do agree with what you said about Daughter of Smoke and Bone though - it is insta-love. Yet, I feel as if the way it was written was so believable that I felt for the characters, despite their rather underdeveloped romance, and that's what made me love it. I like Angelfall much more though. Surprisingly, the flashback sequence was my favorite part of the book! I love seeing different opinions though, so I'm going to have to check out your review of it for sure!(: Anyway, thanks again Steph! :D

Steph I like flawed characters too. But I'm a sucker for sweet and caring boys so I guess that's why I liked Zeke. You're right about DoSaB. If it hadn't been written so well, I would have given it 3 stars. The writing is simply breathtaking, probably the best I've ever read. It really makes you feel for the characters, you're right. I liked the actual flashback scene and what happened in the scene, I just hate flashbacks and how they cut the story off. By the time the flashback ended the book was basically done which was very annoying. I haven't written a review of DoSaB yet but I plan to so when after I reread it before Days of Blood and Starlight comes out (love that title so much:). The more I think about it, the more I realize Angelfall really does deserve 5 stars. I think I'm going to change my rating. It really was awesome and grows more awesome over time.

Keertana I think that's precisely why I want Days of Blood and Starlight so badly - because the flashback took up nearly the whole second half of the novel. It was intentionally done to end the story off with a cliffhanger and now I'm just dying to know what happens next. I love the title of it too, not to mention the breathtaking cover. Angelfall is my favorite angel book for sure. I was flipping through it and re-reading all my favorite scenes from it just last night! It's so creative, well-written, and the characters are to die for. Plus, as you mentioned, the more you think about it, the more you realize there's so much more to love within it! I love books like that! :)

Steph Yeah, Angelfall really was an amazing book. I simply cannot wait for the sequel. I wish we had a publication date or something! I wonder if it will come out in print at the same time as ebook this time. I seriously hope so.

Keertana Samee! I thought the sequel was supposed to come out this year, but I guess not! :/ I believe Susan Ee has a publisher now, so since she's no longer self-published, I'm guessing it will come out in print at the same time as the e-book. I'm not sure though... I just need more Raffe! ;)

Steph Yes, more Raffe would be good:). The next book isn't even on Amazon at all. I don't mind waiting for sequels if it takes the author time to make them even better, I just want to know how long I'll have to wait.

Keertana Yeah, same! I'd love to know the release date or at least the title of the sequel! I hope Ee doesn't introduce a love triangle though...that would totally make the series plummet. :/

Steph Ughh, that would be the worst. That had better not happen. I hope she realizes she doesn't need one and her readers don't want one.

Keertana I know right? I'm hoping that doesn't happen! *fingers crossed* I love that I have no idea which direction the novel will be heading in though, so I'm excited about that. I heard it's probably going to be releasing in 2013 though, so I'm hoping it'll be earlier on in the year! I can't wait that long! >.<

Steph I'm guessing it will be about the possible revolution against the angels. I can't wait to see where that puts Raffe and Penryn's relationship. I also can't wait to see their reunion when he realizes she's alive.

Keertana Me too! I'm so excited for it! Gosh, talking about it just makes me want it even more! I'm assuming it's obviously going to be about that too, but I'm eager for specifics. I loved her writing style in Angelfall, so I really hope it continues in that same format! I wish at least the synopsis would release! :/ I'm so impatient! ;) Still, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait! :D

Steph I've never read a book about a fictional revolution set in a world so similar to ours (you know, minus the angels). Most of the dystopians are far in the future like the Hunger Games. This really would be as if the angels attacked right at this moment so these people really are us. So I'm curious to see how we would arrange a revolution with the technology and people we have right now. I'm hoping it'll be epic.

Keertana So am I! I love that moment in Angelfall when Penryn is so proud to be human because of all that we're doing against the angels. I really love novels about revolutions, especially because they bring out such a wonderful side of humanity since we come together. I'm obviously worried about how that's going to affect Raffe and Penryn, but I'm excited to see where the novel goes with it too. Stormdancer is another story with a fictional revolution and its rather similar to our world, full of environmental issues and corruption, but with fantasy elements. It hasn't released it, but it's really good so if you like those themes you should check it out!(:

Steph I really want to read Stormdancer when it comes out. I've been hearing really good things about it. I loved that moment with Penryn too. Everything about the ending and that part was fantastic. All this talking about it makes me want to go reread it but I can't cause I'm on holiday and it's at home!

Keertana Yup, I know exactly what you mean! Perhaps you can read it again once you get back from your vacation though!(: Stormdancer is so good! I'm only allowed to put up my review of it next week, but you should definitely check it out. It completely lives up to all the hype! :D

Steph I'll definitely be checking out your review. Books so rarely live up to their hype, which makes me rather worried. I hope I like it!

Keertana So do I! I'll be looking out to see what you think of it once it releases! :)

Kirstin Oh Keertana, you said it all. What I wanted to write as a review after I read this. And just like you, I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone before this. That explains my disappointment. Haha!

I'm annoyed at the characters. I don't even understand Kay's appearance. And her whole. Totally stereotypical. And Clara. She's too perfect. Tucker's the only one I'm fond of!

Keertana Phew, I'm so glad I'm not the only one, Kirstin! I feel like EVERYONE is talking about this series ALL THE TIME and they're all so excited about Boundless and I'm sitting here, in my fort, refusing to pick up Hallowed. *sigh*

Seriously though, the characters and story just didn't live up, both to the hype and the other MUCH more amazing angel novels out there. Like you, I'm only fond of Tucker, but I have a feeling he'll turn clingy/annoying in the sequels and that's not something I'm prepared for. (Not to mention the sequel turned so many people into Team Christian fans. EW. No. Just. No. I hate that guy with a passion! >.< )

At least we're not alone in our black-sheep-ness, so that's reassuring! :)

Kirstin Yeah, me too. Halfway through I checked the reviews to see if I'm not the only one who didn't get the hype and found yours. I'm not even sure if I'm going to read the sequel.

Seriously I don't understand why lots of people like it. There's nothing really special with it other than the fact the Clara here isn't the damsel in distress to be rescued by the hero. But, well... we all have different perspectives. At least I know I'm not the only one :)

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