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Dark Future by K.C. Klein
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Feb 02, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: pnr, scifi
Read in January, 2012

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Kris Davenport is having an interesting night. First she’s awakened by a woman that claims to be her from the future, then her double takes her to the mountains, explaining on the way that she’s got to get things right this time with ConRad, then tells her to get out of the car and take a run, that there’s not much time before Armegeddon. A bit jarring, yes? Well, Kris better get used to jarring, because Dark Future is one long, dark ride for our heroine. Kris jumps forward in time to Dark Planet, after humans have nearly been wiped out by an alien race. Dark Planet is her new reality, and ConRad thinks she’s a spy, no matter that he’s inexplicably drawn to her, and her to him. As scared as she is, she feels like she’s seen him before and felt his touch, but how could that be? Strap in for an exciting ride, because after this, it’s nonstop.

Dark Future is an appropriate name, because it’s most definitely dark. By the end of this book, poor Kris has gone from relatively carefree surgical intern to possibly being the key to the salvation of the human race. Once ConRad finally accepts that Kris is not a spy, their journey takes a dramatic turn. Women are at a premium at this point, and ConRad must “claim” Kris as his own to keep her safe. Obviously this doesn’t go over well with Kris, but this is a new order, and she’ll have to give a little to survive. When she makes the choice to save a life, the Elders take Kris and her entire world shatters around her. The author really puts our poor heroine through the ringer in this one, emotionally and physically. If you find yourself making comparisons to Sarah Connor from Terminator, you wouldn’t be far off, because they’re most certainly there, with Kris going from self-professed coward to possible savior of mankind. It’s a long, hard, tortuous journey, and Ms. Klein manages to weave a heart wrenching love story among the sci fi action. Told in Kris’ voice, you won’t be able to help falling in love with her, and wincing every time she has to make a heartbreaking choice (of which she has to make a few). If you enjoy cinematic sci-fi action with your romance, Dark Future is a journey well worth taking!
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