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Tokyo Heist by Diana  Renn
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Jan 31, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 25 to 29, 2012

I love, love, love VIOLET!! Yes, Violet is more of an outcast character because she likes manga and all-things-Japanese but Violet proves to herself that she can be brave (like her manga character, Kimono Girl), especially towards the end of the book. Diana Renn developed an amazing main character, and let her unfold into the story. Violet became a strong tree rooted in the dirt. Violet did the same with her manga character, Kimono Girl. So I think Renn was trying to show the process of creating a character within her story. So this novel is techincally an story within a story because Violet, the main character in Tokyo Heist, was writing her own story, Kimono Girl. (Ok, that was me rambling a bit...sorry)
It was a slow beginning, but once Violet was in Japan, you could tell that she was in her element which is all-things-Japanese. Now, why am I saying "all-things-Japanese" because you are fully immersed into the Japanese culture in this book. Violet is not Japanese but she loves everything in the Japanese culture. I love seeing and learning about the Japanese words, customs, art, fashion, and food in this book.
Violet writes her manga story to figure out the art heist. Renn did a wonderful job at transitioning between Violet's manga world, and the real world. Renn also describes the different art pieces in the beautiful prose. Violet has a interesting/hard relationship with her father. Her father doesn't always listen to Violet, and he does not show up on time. However, the father-daugther relationship improves throughout the book. At the ending, it somewhat foreshadows that their relationship will get better. I think that the father-daughter relationship was one of the things that I didn't like. Maybe because I have such a great relationship with my dad- it was hard for me to connect with Violet in that way.
The Japanese culture and Violet's strong character was what I liked the most. The mystery component of book was great as well. Renn did a great job at keeping up the suspense in this novel. This book was exciting and a must read for anyone who loves mystery, manga, Japan, and yahoos!! (hahaha-joking! on pg.142 it explains this) Tokyo Heist has 4 stars from me!!

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