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Edge of Dark Water by Joe R. Lansdale
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This was a really great book. The only reason this got 4-stars instead of 5 is because it just happens to be in a time period that just isn't my cup of tea.

So we have Sue Ellen, Terry, & Jinx. They find their friend, May Lynn, murdered at the bottom of the river with a sewing machine tied to her body. They find a map that her bank robber brother left to her that tells where he buried his stolen money. With that money they plan to take May Lynn's ashes to Hollywood, where she always dreamed of going. They all have things they themselves want to escape from as well. Sue Ellen lives with an abusive father and a mother who is always so gone in drugs to even care what he daughter is going through, not that she ,herself, is safe from her husbands wrath either. Terry doesn't feel like he belongs in his family anymore since his mother remarried. And Jinx, a young negro girl, has no future prospects in their little southern town. So together, with Sue Ellen's mother, they take a raft and float down the Sabine River, trying to reach the next town so that they may reach a bus station they may anonymously escape from.

But not all is easy. No, May Lynn's father knows about the stolen money and wants it for himself! And Sue Ellen's father is not the least bit happy about being abandoned by his wife and daughter. So May Lynn's father hires a man many think to be nothing but a children's horror story. Skunk. They say he kills for fun. That he enjoys it. And when he kills his victims he cuts off their hands in tribute to his mother that once tried to drown him with her own hands. Of course she was not allowed to live after that. So with this killer after them, the quartet sets off down the river and faces many obstacles. There are many run-ins with the dreaded Skunk and, unfortunately, there are (mostly) innocent people lost along the way. All these four want is to be free from the oppression of the lives they left behind them. Is that too much to ask for? Well, with Skunk after them, it may just be...

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