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Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate
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Jan 31, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: douchebags-and-12yrolds, meh
Recommended for: People who like romance :)
Read from January 31 to February 02, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Read this... woooow


I gave this piece of shit "book" five stars because of Arrianes story. She should have just wrote a really long even more interesting version of that and called it Arrianes story and this would be awesome.

So all of you curious little love birds that like to read spoilers like me.. i give you a rap of each one.YAY REAL REVIEW TIME!

Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles:
this story blew my mind. no actually it made me want to blow up my mind it was so mindless and boring. So while sweet miles and bitchy Shelby are off looking for Luce they get lost in a little town where its almost valentines day and they fall in love. woo hoo. not. they have no sparks.. the love Kate forced on them is so unnatural.. i thought miles was all uber obsessed with Luce and now all of the sudden he and Shelby are doing it next to a medevil Calderon while Roland rides up on his white horse all golden dreadlocks and pissy. And whats with every single character being white, skinny, and american. sure we got one black guy and some half mutilated gargoyle devil... still

Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland:
this story was okay.. apparently Roland loved some rich white girl in old times where black dudes are today's ghetto white trash. anyway they had planned to run away together (how sweet) but while she was miss rich white girl, she was also a HUMAN rich white girl. Roland says to cam he could change with her, but Rosaline (white girl) doesn't know about his demoness, so Roland does the noble (kiss my ass, nobleness) and breaks her poor rich girl heart by leaving her to live a normal demon free life. well Roland comes back from present day to get her back to find she moved on and has a family (hubby and kids) and just as poor white girl is going to loose her other lovely love (white version) to battle; Roland comes and makes it so white lover boy can stay with his family. how nice of Roland. (no offense intened with the whole "white girl" thang :))

Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane:
Awww this story was amazing. And here is what happened in my biased opinion of these tragic love stories for all of you who just want to read Arrianes story! so it all starts off with Arriane and Tess (yeas Arrianes long lost amazing love is a GIRL which makes it so much more beautiful in my opinion)hanging out in a meadow thing braiding hair and telling stories. Then they begin to fight [:'(] because you see, Tess is a demon, a very powerful demon who is very close to Lucifer. And as we all know sweet, but crazy little Arriane is not. They fight about the fact that Tess has to go back to the devils side and she wants Arriane to come with her. They start to physically fight and when Arriane leaves after saying goodbye, she senses something wrong and she goes to back to find that poor love struck Tess has tried to rip off her wings with (i think) a star shot (not sure). And apparently angel blood is like acid to another (not entirely sure if its for angel/ demon blood or just all angels in general) and Tess in bleeding, Arriane is bleeding from fighting with Tess and when Arriane trys to help Tess she gets burned.. that's how she got her scars. Since shes so weak she has to leave Tess and send someone to help. that's really the end. Its so tragic and sad and beautiful and I LOVED IT!!

Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda
And finally.. this is practically just Luce and a old version of Daniel making out in a forest. that's all that really happens! WAIT.. she dances with Cam and he says some MYSTERIOUS things. wtf else is new. and this is supposedly the only valentine Daniel and Luce will share.

And you get a sneak peak of RAPTURE. I really hope Kate will give us all the fucking answers finally.
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So I hated these books but I really don't get this : does cam wanna get with lucy or not? This question may be very obviouse but I'm a bit slow...

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