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DMT by Rick Strassman
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Jan 31, 2012

it was amazing
Read in January, 2011

Dr. Strassman's book was fascinating. In this book, he describes his research studies on several drugs, including and mostly in conjunction with Dimethyltriptamine (DMT). DMT is a naturally occuring psychedelic in most living organisms. He cites specific case studies from his research and goes into great depth about his findings and the experiences his research subjects underwent, from out-of-body experiences to visitations to other-worldly beings. Strassman does a good job explaining what DMT is, where it is secreted from in our own bodies, and how it may interact with other chemicals in our brains and bodies. Not only does the author talk about his research itself, but he also talks about his advocacy of psychedelic drug research and the subsequent falling out he had with his religious community as a result of his advocacy. His findings were, ultimately, pretty inconclusive. In addition, his hypotheses are merely conjecture. However, I do find his hypotheses to be extremely compelling and exciting. His theory is that this molecule may be a chemical that aids our spirit in the process of birth and death of our physical bodies, and that a higher or lower level of DMT in our bodies, occuring naturally in times of great trauma or the like, might be responsible for some of the inexplicable supernatural experiences some report, such as alien abductions or schizophrenic episodes. He also posits that DMT might allow our souls to connect with divinity, escape our bodies into unknown planes of existences, and so forth. Of course, none of his theories and can be substantiated, but the possibilities sure are exciting to think about. MUST READ.

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