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Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
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Feb 09, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: gag-me, stupid, school, disapointing, loathed, terrible-writing, why-the-hype, worst-books-ever-written, i-dont-know-why-its-published
Read from January 30 to February 09, 2012

Ugh! Worst grammar! Every sentence is like a monkey wrote it!

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01/30/2012 "EW!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first two chapters wanna make me claw my eyes out. i mean, come on. the creepy preacher dude starts talking about snakes and how if you were bitten you would swell up soooo much you eventually explode and two weeks after you expolde you die. talk about a long, painful, agonizing death not to mention so gross i had to set the book down and scream a little bit. so far, one word to describe it is EW!"
02/01/2012 page 97
28.0% "okay. so i can't stand the way the author writes. number one he uses words like 'throwed' and 'prays' and 'gunn' and stuff. words that are NOT in CORRECT english! i understand 'ain't' because i am from the south but COME ON! how am i suppsoed to read this book when every second i feel like my IQ is dropping???! that and it seems like almost every charcter in this book is crazy, or idiotic.what they make you read?!"
02/02/2012 page 97
28.0% "'throwed, warent, i's, you's, gunn, me and,' does this annoy anyone else? seriously. and it gets an award? wow! for someone who is supposed to write a kids book this stuff STINKS!"
02/04/2012 page 97
28.0% "can't take anyone of this low class, pathetic excuse for bad grammar. i don't give a flying pancake if it was how people talked back then NO ONE whose English is there native tongue in this time period should EVER say "throwed' or 'knowed'. i swear if i hear another improper word like that again i will BURN this book! ugh, why do they bmake you read this crud is school? it looks like a monkey got hold of a keyboard."
02/05/2012 page 135
40.0% "Yuck, this book is purely awful! I love historical fic but this is annoying. The writer over emphasizes the way they talk. A little slang is okay but NO writer in this day and age SHOULD EVER say 'throwed'!"
02/07/2012 page 245
72.0% "Can't take it an ore! Oh, the horror of bad grammar!"
02/07/2012 page 245
72.0% "Cant take it anymore. Oh,the horror of bad grammar!"
02/08/2012 page 309
91.0% "BLEH! cant wait for the torment to be over."
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