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Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Jan 30, 2012

really liked it
Read on January 30, 2012

To be honest, I did not realize that this novel was a part of a series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I had only grasped the fact after I finished and my kindle automatically pulled up the recommendations page of Kenyon’s other novels to be checked out.
As a Were-Hunter, Vane Kattalakis was placed under a curse at birth which spliced his essence. When his 27th birthday came, he was horrified with his transformation of becoming a human. There are two different species as an outcome of attempting to prolong life after the age of 27. The two species are known as the Katagaria and the Arcadians. When they come of age, the Katagaria shift from animals to humans while the Arcadians do the exact opposite. The changes are horrifying at first and the species must learn to adapt to their new bodies. All the while they must stay hidden from their enemies because this world is a fend for yourself world.
Born to a Katagaria father who had taken his Arcadian mother against her will and violated her by raping her, Vane struggles to live peacefully among his pack. After they realize that Vane and his brother and sister take after their mother, they make an effort to kill them off yet only succeeding with taking Vane’s sister’s life. For this reason, Vane’s father who has only loved his daughter sends Daimons to hunt and kill off his sons, hence the start of the novel when Vane and his brother Fang are hanging above a pit of crocodiles hanging as bait by their wrists.
In the mean time, Bride McTierney has just received a break up letter from her fiancé that was only using her to get a job. Although Bride knows that she is being used, she has fallen so deeply for her ex-fiancé that she cries in her shop where Vane happens to see her after he escapes and brings his paralyzed brother to an Arcadian Bear Household. The novel says that he has been mesmerized by Bride ever since the night he first met her, but since I have not read the other novels, I do not know of how they first meet.
Devastated by her sadness, Vane comforts her and for some odd reason although they do not know each other, they end up going into the backroom to have a private moment, if you know what I mean? After they have a moment to themselves and they leave each other to go eat, both realize that they have received strange marks on their arms. To Bride it is just something random that will go away, but to Vane, it means something entirely different. His time is already ticking away, leaving him with only 3 weeks to prove to Bride that they are meant to be together or else he will not be able to have children and will have to spend the rest of his existence alone. But how can he convince, Bride when she does not even know that he is a wolf? Did I already mention how he is being hunted by his father’s minions? So how can he make her fall for him when she is being endangered by his very existence?
Kenyon writes the truth, which is what I like about her novel. She does not use the typical skinny and pretty girl. She writes about a girl that has a heart with good intentions who is insecure about herself. Although Bride is not skinny like a model, she has insecurities like anyone and that is what speaks to me the most. She lives, she hopes, and she dreams for the future. For this reason, I applaud Kenyon’s writing. Kenyon is basically saying that everyone is unique that way and that we should be accepting of our flaws and love ourselves first before we can be loved by someone else. It is just that sometimes we need to meet that certain someone before we realize that we are fine just the way we are.
The only thing that I was not really fond of was the plentiful intimacy scenes. I do not really enjoy that type of reading. Also I found that Kenyon reiterates herself a lot throughout her novel. This is good for if you picked up one of her novels and have not read the previous ones, but after you understand the plot, I feel as if she uses a lot of repetition. Other then that, I enjoyed the novel and would recommend it to others.
As for the rest, to find out whether or not they end up together, you will just have to read the novel to find out.

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David Ambrose A-. Lots of solid details in the summary. I'm glad you liked the book, despite the one part you were not fond of. Be sure to check out the other ones in the series if you liked it so much!

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