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Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb
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Feb 17, 12

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Read from January 30 to February 17, 2012

A comment in two parts: review, then rant.

My review is that the book is fairly good, and wraps up the series satisfactorily. I wanted to give it four stars, but I didn't feel it was quite strong enough. Close, though. Definitely not as good as the last book (Mad Ship).

Character arcs were done well, and they all showed growth (with one exception). It might not have been how I'd have written it, but all the characters displayed change and had matured, which is good. The exception is (view spoiler)

All the story elements were woven into a nice ending: the serpent question is resolved, the Rain Wilds phenomenon is explained, the Jamaillian conspiracies are put to bed, and the Vestrits get rewards too. No plot threads left hanging, but we do get a hint about the Tawny Man. Chekhov would be pleased: guns were fired, other shoes were dropped.

Now the rant: (view spoiler)

So, a decent ending to a decent series. I loved Farseer, and for me it's definitely the better series. This one stumbled a bit. Book one, a little slow. Book two, awesome but (for me) misleading with a couple of the characters. Book three, kind of ties it up, mostly to my satisfaction. Would have been a four-star for sure, except some major blunders (as far as I'm concerned). I detested one or two of the chapters with such vehemence I just couldn't feel right about giving it more than three, and as I was reading them I thought to myself "If Hobb can salvage this, if she can fix the book so I love it and it feels fitting, I'll be really surprised. Because after that last chapter I can't see myself giving it more than two or three stars". She didn't.
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Reading Progress

13.0% "(page 101 of 732); Just re-establishing so far; not much happening yet: Tintaglia interacting with Reyn/Trehaug a little."
20.0% "(page 149 of 732). Vivacia "reborn". Feels like it's gonna take a flock of dragons to save Bingtown, now. But I hope it's something different - isn't that how the Six Duchies defeated the Redship Raiders?"
28.0% "(page 209 of 732). Fun ship battle, story starting to move."
37.0% "(page 276 of 732). Dragon aid: now officially foreshadowed."
02/11/2012 page 378
52.0% "Interesting but slow moving; the dragon is a jerk, but I expected this; very interested in finding out what happened to Paragon"
02/12/2012 page 489
67.0% "Interesting liveship-serpent conflict, but that turned out to be a terrible chapter. I think Hobb has written a flaw in this series, which I'll get to in my review. Short version: Kennit is unredeemable."
02/13/2012 page 542
74.0% "The Mother of Elderlings thing made me say "Woah!" I feel wicked glee as Paragon leads Brashen to Keyhole Island."
02/14/2012 page 578
79.0% "...aaaaand, we're back to Wintrow being an idiot. That was so 2 books ago, but anyone who trusts Kennit is a moron."
02/15/2012 page 627
86.0% "Story climax approatching, everything and everyone converging. I really hope something horrible happens to Kennit, or maybe that Paragon eats him."

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