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The Frog Prince by Deanna Wadsworth
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Jan 30, 2012

it was amazing
Read on January 30, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Very erotic retelling of The Frog Prince fairytale. Princess Elena refuses to marry until she finds the right man. As she spies the servants having sex she begins to wonder what she is missing. She takes her golden ball and hides out by the well where she loses her ball down the well. The frog who lives there tells her he will get it for her in exchange for being her playmate and living with her. She forgets her promise when he gives her the ball but he doesn't let her forget her promise. Princess Elena is completely spoiled but her father does make her keep her promises to the frog and she finds out it's important to keep your promises. At first it seemed that both Elena and Prince Philip, who was the frog, are cut from the same cloth but as we discover after Prince Philip changes back into a human there have been changes in him. He does expect to be obeyed but since this is a BDSM book it's necessary for the story line. Elena discovers that having someone make decisions for her isn't a bad thing since it frees her to concentrate on what she enjoys doing. Philip was turned into a frog because he loved Henry, his footman. His father expected Philip to marry and beget heirs for the kingdom but Philip did not want to give up Henry. When Philip is turned into the frog he learns what is important to him but he also sets his mind to finding a way to break the curse and keeping what is important. I enjoyed The Frog Prince. I liked Elena, Philip, and Henry. The sex is hot and plentiful. I liked how Elena's fear and Henry's jealousy are worked into the story without taking over the story. This is not your typical Grimm's fairy tale.

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